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Brady Barrows

What Is The World Wide Number Of Cases Of Rosacea?

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There are no reliable reports on the number of rosaceans worldwide. Only estimates. The NRS insists there are 16 million rosacea sufferers in the USA, however, there is no hard data to prove this. One report says "In the US: More than 10% of the general population exhibits dermatologic characteristics of rosacea …" [1] The total US population in 2007 was over 302,453,619. That would mean there are over 30 million in the US who 'exhibit dermatologic characteristics of rosacea' based on this report.

Another report says, "It is a common disease that afflicts one out of every 20 Americans." [2] Wikipedia reports, "As of August 13, 2016, the United States has a total resident population of 324,227,000..." That would mean 16 million Americans have rosacea which is what the NRS reports as well and is probably the source. 

If we used 10% of the world population who 'exhibit dermatologic characteristics of rosacea' that number would be over 740 million worldwide as of August 2016. If we use the conservative figure that 1% of the world population in August 2016 have rosacea that would put the number at 74 million rosaceans. The point of all this guesswork is that there is a significant number of rosaceans worldwide without a doubt whatever that figure amounts to. One report estimates the worldwide number of rosacea cases to be 3% of the world population. [3] That would be 220,000,000 cases of rosacea worldwide! 

A conservative figure for the worldwide cases of rosacea is around 74 million.

End Notes

[1] Ocular Rosacea
J Bradley Randleman, MD; Chief Editor: Hampton Roy Sr, MD

[2] encyclopedia 

[3] The potential role of Demodex folliculorum mites and bacteria in the induction of rosacea.
J Med Microbiol. 2012 Aug 29;
Jarmuda S, O'Reilly N, Zaba R, Jakubowicz O, Szkaradkiewicz A, Kavanagh K

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 2016 Mar;30(3):428-34. doi: 10.1111/jdv.13556.

Prevalence of rosacea in the general population of Germany and Russia - The RISE study.



There is an unmet need for general population-based epidemiological data on rosacea based on contemporary diagnostic criteria and validated population survey methodology.


To evaluate the prevalence of rosacea in the general population of Germany and Russia.


General population screening was conducted in 9-10 cities per country to ensure adequate geographic representation. In Part I of this two-phase study, screening of a representative sample of the general population (every fifth person or every fifth door using a fixed-step procedure on a random route sample) was expedited with use of a questionnaire and algorithm based on current diagnostic criteria for rosacea. Of the subjects that screened positive in the initial phase, a randomly selected sample (every third subject) t`hen underwent diagnostic confirmation by a dermatologist in Part II.


A total of 3052 and 3013 subjects (aged 18-65 years) were screened in Germany and Russia respectively. Rosacea prevalence was 12.3% [95%CI, 10.2-14.4] in Germany and 5.0% [95%CI, 2.8-7.2] in Russia. The profile of subjects with rosacea (75% women; mean age of 40 years; mainly skin phototype II or III, majority of subjects with sensitive facial skin) and subtype distribution were similar. Overall, 18% of subjects diagnosed with rosacea were aged 18-30 years. Over 80% were not previously diagnosed. Within the previous year, 47.5% of subjects had received no rosacea care and 23.7% had received topical and/or systemic drugs. Over one-third (35% Germany, 43% Russia) of rosacea subjects reported a moderate to severe adverse impact on quality of life.


Rosacea is highly prevalent in Germany (12.3%) and Russia (5.0%). The demographic profile of rosacea subjects was similar between countries and the majority were previously undiagnosed.

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