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  • Rosaceans use cosmetics to tone down the redness and this contributes to a feeling of well being and confidence.

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Note these reports:

“Patients with distraught feelings due to their rosacea may consider cosmetic camouflage to cover the signs of rosacea.” [1]

“Dermatoses may have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life, namely the relationship to others, self-image and self-esteem … Thus, the use of decorative cosmetics in disfiguring skin diseases is an effective, well-tolerated measure increasing the patients’ quality of life. We therefore suggest that decorative cosmetics can complement the treatment of disfiguring skin diseases.” [2]

However, cosmetics and make up can be irritating to rosacea and is one of the trigger factors to consider. Using hypoallergenic cosmetic products may help. A survey done by the NRS reports:

“Over 59 percent of those responding to the survey said they use cosmetic products that are hypoallergenic—associated with a low occurrence of an allergic reaction—and 49 percent use fragrance-free makeup. Forty-eight percent of the respondents said they used cosmetics that are SPF-enhanced—containing a sun protection ingredient—and 44 percent use products that are oil-free.” [3]

Green is the make up color preference to cover the red. Note this report about green:

“In addition to following proper medical therapy and a daily facial cleansing regimen recommended by your doctor, effective camouflaging techniques are available. Green makeup, for instance, can be used to counteract redness. Green-tinted prefoundations are available in liquids or creams at most cosmetic counters, and there is also a green-tinted moisturizer on the market.” [4]

Yellow based make up foundations can also be used as this report points out:

“In the survey of more than 900 rosacea patients, 88 percent of the respondents said cosmetics help or somewhat help to conceal its effects on facial appearance. Of those surveyed, 54 percent said they turn to yellow-based natural tones or green-tone makeup to offset the rosacea redness, compared with 25 percent who reported using more traditional pink-based natural tones.” [5]

Is it ok to use cosmetics when being treated for rosacea? Absolutely, as long as the cosmetics do not irritate or aggravate the rosacea.

You might want to consider the Red Cross Skin Camouflage. [6] There is at least one anecdotal report that it works. [7]

The other make up foundation to consider is the Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation. [8]

One report says, "Our results suggest that dermatologists should encourage patients with disfiguring dermatoses to utilize appropriate and safe makeup to improve their appearance and their QOL. Corrective makeup can also complement the treatment of face dermatological diseases in order to improve patient's adherence." [9]

"Cosmetic camouflage provides a significant emotional benefit for patients with facial skin conditions, and this is substantiated by a literature review and personal experience." [10]

"The tested corrective cosmetic significantly improved the QOL of subjects with significant facial flaws, skin tautness and dryness, and was well tolerated." [11]

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End Notes

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PR Newswire

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