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Liver, Yogurt, Sour Cream, Cheese, Eggplant, and Spinach

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So you think liver, yogurt, sour cream, cheese, eggplant or spinach may be a rosacea trigger? Stop and think about this carefully. Has any of these foods been a problem for you? Like what problem? How do any of these foods connect to a rosacea flare up?

First off, you need to understand that a rosacea trigger is anything that produces (1) a rosacea flare up or (2) may produce a flush. Which of these two is your utmost concern, a rosacea flare up or a flush?

A rosacea flare up is an exacerbation of any phenotype [we used to say subtype 1 or 2 (it may also include subtype 3 or 4)]. [1]

A flush (or blush) is a prolonged episode of blood flow to the face causing redness and sometimes heat or a burning sensation. [2]

Now, of the two above which one would you really like to avoid more? (1) An exacerbation of a rosacea phenotype or subtype, or (2) a flush or (3) both?

Difficult choice, but if you chose (2) your flush may linger for a while, and then subside and your facial skin returns to normal. Yes, you can have a flush and it passes and your rosacea isn't any worse than before. What concerns most flushing patients is the constant flush that doesn't subside and lingers for hours, or even longer, you may have Phenotype 1. If you suffer from prolong flushing episodes with the burning, you want to avoid those type flushes like the plague. Prolong flushing episodes exacerbate rosacea causing or contributing to a rosacea flare up.

Some rosacea sufferers say they do not flush. Yes, there are those who do not report any flushing, but most rosaceans complain of flushing. The odds are you are one who suffers from flushing.

Isn't a rosacea flare up more of a concern than a flush? Or is it the other way around? You be the judge of that. If your concern is the prolonged flushing that burns and is painful, you obviously are concerned more about avoiding flushing. If, however, you are not plagued by the prolonged flushing you probably are more concerned about avoiding a rosacea flare up. So now we begin to understand what we are talking about when it comes to rosacea triggers.

The reason you are reading this page is something triggered in your mind that either liver, yogurt, sour cream, cheese, eggplant or spinach might be triggering your rosacea. Isn't that why you clicked on the subject and wanted to know more? It is possible that these foods are not agreeable with you? What connection do these foods have with rosacea triggers?

The NRS is the most reputable non profit organization on planet earth, presently, that dermatologists and physicians look to for advice which was the first to list trigger avoidance as an acceptable way to treat rosacea. Generally speaking, trigger avoidance is an acceptable treatment for rosacea and these physicians who are handed packets from the NRS with information along with the published trigger list [3] parrot the suggested rosacea triggers to avoid. Many of these physicians will tell their patients to avoid spicy food and wine, which are the two more popular rosacea triggers on the list. The reason spicy food and wine are mentioned more than the other rosacea diet triggers is that these two are more likely to produce a flush. Flushing exacerbates rosacea so you can understand why spicy food and wine usually are mentioned the most.

Now if you look at the NRS Trigger list [3] you will note that the first four rosacea diet triggers are liver, yogurt, sour cream and cheese. Eggplant and spinach are listed later. Have you ever heard of anyone complaining that liver, yogurt, sour cream or cheese produces a flush? Probably not. That is why physicians stay clear of mentioning these rosacea diet triggers to avoid because they want to stick to any diet triggers that cause flushing. The odds are great that spicy food and wine will produce a flush. What are the odds that liver, yogurt, sour cream, cheese, eggplant and spinach will produce a rosacea flare up? The answer to that question is really up to you. There is no way to determine the odds since there is no data on this to investigate. Why?

The reason these foods are on the NRS Trigger List [3] is that rosacea sufferers were polled and checked off these food items as rosacea triggers. Did the NRS do any scientific clinical study to confirm that these food items cause a rosacea flare up or induce flushing? No. The entire NRS Trigger List [3] is based upon anecdotal reports. Any item on the list may or MAY NOT produce a rosacea flare up or induce flushing. There is no known rosacea trigger that will produce a rosacea flare up or induce flushing in every rosacea sufferer, not one. The list is simply suggestions of rosacea triggers that rosacea sufferers answered in a survey and therefore not really reliable, but may be helpful if you discover one of the items on the list triggers your rosacea by confirming this yourself through trial and error, keeping a detailed diary of your diet, to see if what you are ingesting is triggering your rosacea. 

Now yogurt is of special consideration. There are two types of yogurt:

Yogurt with sugar (or sugar substitute containing carbohydrate)

Plain yogurt (without any additives, NO sugar or sugar substitutes)

There is evidence that the NRS ignores that sugar and carbohydrate are rosacea triggers. [4] The RRDi is the only non profit for rosacea that recognizes sugar and carbohydrate as rosacea triggers [4]. You won't see either of these on the NRS Trigger list. [3] The odds are greater that if you eat yogurt with sugar (or carbohydrate) that it may produce a rosacea flare up. Eating plain yogurt has less of a chance of producing a rosacea flare up. So unless you have a lactate intolerance eating plain yogurt may be healthy for you [5], since probiotics are now an accepted treatment for rosacea

As for eating liver, sour cream, cheese, eggplant or spinach why not try them and see if these foods actually produce a rosacea flare up or induce a flush. You may be able to eat any of these items without a problem. As mentioned with yogurt, if you are lactate intolerant you obviously will avoid sour cream and cheese. But many rosaceans report they can eat these foods without any problem. You may also find the article on Elimination Diet helpful to you. So why did you come to this page or click on the title? Maybe you don't like some of these foods and that is why you clicked to read more? Are you disappointed or happy about what you learned? Why not comment in this thread your thoughts on this subject? We would love to hear your thoughts. 

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End Notes

[1] More information on subtypes

[2] Check any dictionary

[3] NRS Trigger List

[4] Carbohydrate and Sugar Avoidance

[5] Probiotics

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