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Rosacea Trigger Factor List


Trigger Factor List
Rosacea 101
page 46
by permission of the author

Rosacea triggers are only proposed. There is not one rosacea trigger proposed that produces a rosacea flare up in every rosacea sufferer. Not one.


sources for the triggers listed above are listed in the book, Rosacea 101, page 46 and also if you scroll to the bottom of this post.

More info on Triggers


Add to the list above:

Food & Drink:

Vitamin B Complex

Add Medical Conditions:

Associated Diseases (Systemic comorbidities) [7]


Nickel Sensitivity [6]

Footnotes for the Trigger List:

* National Rosacea Society Trigger List [1]

** Rosacea 101—Rosacea Diet

# Flushing Syndromes [2]

## Dermis [3]

^ Rosacea Support Group [4]

+ Ken Landow, MD [5]

Frequent flushing
Chronic cough
Caffeine withdrawal syndrome

Source of the above four medical conditions:
NRS Factors That May Trigger Rosacea Flare-Ups

End Notes

[1] http://www.rosacea.o...ls/triggers.php

[2] Flushing Syndromes list source Flushing Christian Nasr, MD; The Cleaveland Clinic, Published December 7, 2004

[3] Dermis Department of Clinical Social Medicine University of Heidelberg

[4] http://rosacea-suppo...asked-questions

Unraveling the mystery of rosacea Keys to getting the red out Ken Landow, MD VOL 112/NO 6/DECEMBER

[6] Endocr Metab Immune Disord Drug Targets. 2019 Jan 01;:
Nickel Sensitivity In Rosacea Patients: A Prospective Case Control Study.
Çifci N

[7] This list keeps growing. See Rosacea Theories Revisited > Associated Diseases (Systemic comorbidities)

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