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Private Contractors Used by the NRS

  • This post is proof confirming the article discussing that there are two private contractors used by the National Rosacea Society (NRS) that are owned by Sam Huff, the director of the of the NRS, which are the following: 


    Please note in the above screenshot the Old Corp Name 12/13/2001 used to be Sam Huff and Associates, Inc. Sam Huff is the director of the NRS. Please also note that in the above screen shot Sam Huff is president of Glendale Communications Group, Inc


    You can actually do your own lookup at the Illonois Corporation web site if you prefer. If you note who the president of of Park Mailing & Fulfillment, Inc is in the screenshot above it is Sam Huff who is also the director of the NRS. 

    On 9/14/2018 Park Mailing & Fulfillment, Inc. was dissolved according to this screen shot shown on the Illinois Secretary of State website: 


These two corporations receive on average 60% of the donated funds to the NRS. You can do your own Illinois corporate lookup to get the same results. For more information on why form another non profit organization for rosacea. 


You can do a lookup of the NRS as well as the two corporations owned by Sam Huff with the Illinois corporation lookup web site and enter Glendale Communications Group, Inc, or Park Mailing and Fullfillment, Inc and compare this with looking up the National Rosacea Society. If you look at the above screen shots the address of 350 S Northwest Hwy 200 in Park Ridge are both listed as the NRS address and Park Mailing and Fulfillment, inc

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