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Brady Barrows

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About this blog

This is my blog. Basically this is to show you as an example what you can do with your own RRDi blog, which is free to members. 

You may want to read my review of Soolantra

My ZZ cream review

You can upload photos, links, and make your own blog. Why not get started? 

All you do is join the RRDi and go to blogs and start your own. 

Entries in this blog


Understanding Blogs

If you ever wanted to start your own rosacea blog, we have the tools for you to do this. Then you can refer to your blog when posting elsewhere. It is free for members. Need help? Read below:  Introduction to Blogs Types of Blogs Scroll below to read my first comment. You can reply to my comment if you would like to comment by scrolling to bottom. 



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