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Leaving Feedback without Registering an Account


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We have now allowed guests to leave feedback on our website without registering an account. Because of spammers, we still approve each post before it goes live on our website, since guests still have to follow the RRDi rules when posting in the feedback forum of our website

To post in the community support of our website (the one you are currently in) you will have to register an account or in any other part of our website, for example, the major forums of rosacea topics, since this is one of the benefits of being a RRDi member (all that is required besides following the rules is to register your email address). 

Would anyone care to post why you don't want to register an account and post your comment on our website?  We get lots of traffic, but hardly any posts from guests or members. 

You can comment in the feedback area if you don't want to register an account. We would appreciate your comment. 

Watch the less than one minute video in the next post below!

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