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What are some free or inexpensive treatments for rosacea?


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Free or inexpensive treatments for Rosacea

Add your treatment to this list by replying to this topic!


(1) Drink ten 12 ounce glasses of water every day

(2) Eat Ice Chips to reduce your core temperature

(3) Cool water (splash water on face or use a spray mist) or Ice application or cold pack

(4) Cold air or room temperature

(5) Wear a hat or stay in the shade

(6) Inexpensive sunblock with SPF 30 or greater

(7) Cold plain yogurt on face - source

(8) Diet - source

(9) Baking Soda and H2O2 - or just Baking Soda (kayclara's post #4 on 10/28/13)

(10) Raw Honey

(11) Cold Milk Compress (See post #7)

(12) Carbonated Mineral Water

(13) Raw honey

(14) Colloidal Oatmeal

(15) Generic Prescriptions

(16) Physician Prescription Samples

(17) Prescription SAVINGS CARDS

(18) Virgin Coconut Oil

(19) Garlic

(20) Free Oracea

(21) Topical Milk of Magnesia

(22) Antihistimines

(23) Red Clover

(24) Aspirin

(25) Zinc Sulfate

(26) Increase Salt in Diet
(Article by Helen Cooper in the Journal of the RRDi)

(27) Salt Water

(28) Vitamin A

(29) enteric coated oregano oil for two weeks and then stop and repeat with enteric coated peppermint oil - see pca_'s comment on February 1, 2009

(30) Virgil says that green juice 'cured' his rosacea - ask Virgil about it if you have any questions.

(31) Birdie says Deep Breathing Calms Flushing

(32) annajazz says Say Yes to Carrots cream works for her.

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