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ZOSSO, aka ZZ Cream

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I have been using the ZZ cream for years. I stopped for a while to try Soolantra which I reviewed here. However, I have returned using the ZZ cream for about three weeks now and my face is doing much better using the ZZ cream which is my favorite treatment for rosacea along with my Rosacea Diet. So I thought I would post today my photos for your review. I haven't found anything as good as the ZZ cream to treat my rosacea/SD. Demodex Solutions is one of our affiliate sponsors

Photo on 8-4-17 at 9.38 AM.jpg

Photo on 8-4-17 at 9.39 AM.jpg

Photo on 8-4-17 at 9.39 AM #2.jpg

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Besides still taking the Lutein/Zeazanthin treatment, I use the ZZ cream about four or five nights a week on some red spots, however, in addition, before I do apply the ZZ cream,  I have been applying a small amount (half teaspoon) of 3% hydrogen peroxide from Walmart (97 cents a bottle) to some red spots and let this dry before applying the ZZ cream. I have noticed when applying the 3% hydrogen peroxide it doesn't sting but after it dries and deeply penetrates the skin I get some stinging which is odd to me but indicates it is finding something down deeper in my skin to work on. The results have been good so I am updating my photos below today: 

Photo on 10-17-18 at 9.53 AM.jpgPhoto on 10-17-18 at 9.55 AM #2.jpgPhoto on 10-17-18 at 9.56 AM #2.jpg

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