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What would the MAC like to see researched? Please read first

Guest Jenny

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Guest Jenny

Copied over from the old RRDi Forum Apr 2006 written by Jenny (three old threads combined into one for ease of response):

From the old Research Sub-Forum:

Being that we now have 3 eye specialists on board, perhaps some sort of research in regards to Ocular Rosacea (OR) could be targeted?

Touch wood, I don't have OR, but it seems to be the area that many Rosacea sufferers with OR feel there is limited information available on what to do about it.

I will also post in the "Ask the MAC" area with this (rather vague) research suggestion.



From the old Ask the MAC Sub-Forum:

Hello Dr's Cremers, Crouch, Latkany, Tseng, Wedrychowsky

I thought it may be beneficial to ask the MAC what each person would like to see researched via the RRDi and would be grateful if you could each post your ideas.

Many thanks


RRDi Funding Committee Chairman

RRDi Book Keeper


Hello Dr's Cremers, Crouch, Latkany, Tseng, Wedrychowsky

Thank you firstly for donating your time to the RRDi. I am the Chairman of the Funding Committee and want to start sending out donation letters as soon as possible. I am hoping that in the letters I send out, I will be able to detail at least one project the RRDi is working on, or at least aiming at researching.

I have put a suggestion up in the "Research" area in regards to Ocular Rosacea (OR). I really don't know what research should be done for OR, but have put the suggestion up, none the less.

I would be grateful if you could make comment with your ideas for research on OR in the "Research" area.

Many thanks


[Jenny 02.Apr.06 6:38am]

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Guest Jenny

Current date and written by me! LOL

Whilst the RRDi web site and Forum was undergoing a re-design and up-grade, I e-mailed our MAC members and asked for their repsonse to the above questions and here are the responses received:

Dr Wedrychowski wrote:

Any research which appears in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Dr Cremers wrote:

"I am a bit biased as I am looking into the role of angiogenesis in rosacea, so that is what I would like to see researched more fully.

The role of dry eye in rosacea is also of particular interest to me. Dry eye caused by rosacea is particularly problematic as we have few good treatments for this.

So these are really the 2 areas I would like to be researched better.

I am an ophthalmologist as you know. If there are any other particular questions you have, please let me know.

I am doing some interesting groundbreaking work, with Judah Folkman's help, on the role of angiogenesis and rosacea. No one is doing these kinds of studies to my knowledge.

The other studies that would be clearly of interest are possible genes linked with rosacea. I do not know of anyone doing this work either.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need further info."

Dr Latkany wrote:

"As with Dry Eyes we need better means of diagnosing

the more subtle facial cases of Rosacea. I see about

10 cases of non-textbook looking rosacea a day and they

all appear shocked that they have rosacea and this is the cause

of the eye symptoms. So to answer question 1 and 2

I am in favor of dedicating research towards identifying

better means of diagnosing rosacea and ocular rosacea

and increasing public awareness of it. That people should that

there are things they eat that can help and things they eat that

can harm etc.


Please let me know if you need anything else.

By the way could you send me some brochrues that I could give my patients on what is rosacea and what they could do about it?"

Dr Tseng wrote:

"There is no question that if we can understand the underlying causes for Rosacea and the precipitating factor(s) leading to the flare ups, there will be a major advance. Specifically, I am curious to see if Demodex plays such a role."


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