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The Effect of Volatile Oil from Chinese Mugwort Leaf on Human Demodecid Mites In Vitro.

Acta Parasitol. 2021 Jan 04;:

Authors: Du J, Gao R, Zhao J

BACKGROUND: Human demodecid mites including Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis Akbulatova can cause acne, rosacea, epifolliculitis, blepharitis, seborrheic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, acromastitis and such skin health problems. Artemisia (Composiate) are widely distributed in temperate regions in the northern hemisphere. It has been reported that 17 species of plants in Artemisia used to be mugwort in China. Mugwort volatile oil (MVO) has antibacterial and antiviral effects, can relieve cough and asthma, acts as an expectorant, choleretic and sedative, and promotes circulation and enhances immunity.
PURPOSE: This research was to observe the effect of MVO on two types of human demodecid mites in vitro.
METHODS: The MVO was obtained via the supercritical CO2 extraction method, and the human demodecid mites were acquired with cellophane tape. MVO had a distinct killing effect on two types of human demodecid mites, Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis. The body of the demodecid mites has a classical temporal process, which consists of excitement, contractions, death and transparency. The killing time was lengthened with decreasing concentration, thus showing an evident dependence on concentration.
RESULTS: The experiment showed that 3.125% was the minimum effective concentration of MVO for killing D. brevis, and 6.25% was the minimum effective concentration for killing D. folliculorum; the killing effect of MVO on D. brevis was greater than on D. follilorum.
CONCLUSION: This result suggests that mugwort, which acts as a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has a noticeable killing effect on human demodecid mites.

PMID: 33394383 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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