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What Community Support Means To You?


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We obviously aren't sure of what community support means to you, but we are trying to figure that out by forming a NON PROFIT organization for rosacea patient advocacy and encouraging rosaceans to come together by joining the RRDi and taking steps to obtain and disseminate community support for those who are suffering from rosacea. What has the RRDi done in this regard?

(1) Creating a website with pages of information, a public forum of rosacea topics, a community support category, a private forummember driven rosacea blogs, galleries and clubs, as well as the tools discussed in the article, RRDi and the Medical Digital Revolution.  

(2) Journal of the RRDi and the ability for anyone (amateur or professional) to submit a paper on rosacea to be published.

(3) A legal non profit organization to allow donations to be tax deductible.

(4) Education grants and the ability to volunteer as a grant writer as a non profit organization grant writer (possibly being reimbursed for your effort). 

(5) A way for you to volunteer to help rosacea sufferers.

(6) Attracting sponsors to support our non profit organization.

(7) Instructions on how to use our forum

(8) Our charter allows members to be compensated for services if we have the funds to do this. 

So, what does community support mean to you? Please find the reply button and post what it means to you? We would love to understand what you think community support means to you or what you think a non profit for rosacea should be doing? 

You may think that posting in a community of rosacea sufferers your experience with rosacea and getting some feedback is what community support means to you? If so, this is the correct forum category to do that by finding the green reply button and post your concern. 

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