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PubMed RSS Feed - -Causal relationship between inflammatory skin diseases and breast cancer: A bidirectional Mendelian randomization study


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Skin Res Technol. 2024 Jul;30(7):e13782. doi: 10.1111/srt.13782.


INTRODUCTION: Prior research has explored the relationship between inflammatory skin disorders and breast cancer (BC), yet the causality of this association remains uncertain.

METHODS: Utilizing a bidirectional two-sample Mendelian randomization (MR) approach, this study aimed to elucidate the causal dynamics between various inflammatory skin conditions-namely acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis vulgaris, urticaria, and rosacea-and BC. Genetic variants implicated in these disorders were sourced from comprehensive genome-wide association studies representative of European ancestry. In the forward MR, BC was posited as the exposure, while the reverse MR treated each inflammatory skin disease as the exposure. A suite of analytical methodologies, including random effects inverse variance weighted (IVW), weighted median (WME), and MR-Egger, were employed to probe the causative links between inflammatory skin diseases and BC. Sensitivity analyses, alongside evaluations for heterogeneity and pleiotropy, were conducted to substantiate the findings.

RESULTS: The MR analysis revealed an increased risk of acne associated with BC (IVW: OR = 1.063, 95% CI = 1.011-1.117, p = 0.016), while noting a decreased risk of atopic dermatitis (AD) in BC patients (IVW: OR = 0.941, 95% CI = 0.886-0.999, p = 0.047). No significant associations were observed between BC and psoriasis vulgaris, urticaria, or rosacea. Conversely, reverse MR analyses detected no effect of BC on the incidence of inflammatory skin diseases. The absence of pleiotropy and the consistency of these outcomes strengthen the study's conclusions.

CONCLUSION: Findings indicate an elevated incidence of acne and a reduced incidence of AD in individuals with BC within the European population.

PMID:38937884 | PMC:PMC11211090 | DOI:10.1111/srt.13782

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