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Decreasing Demodex Density Count Improves Rosacea


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Combined therapy was superior in decreasing the D. folliculorum count in all groups and in reducing the mite count to the normal level in rosacea and in anterior blepharitis. On the other hand, the two regimens were comparable in reducing the mite count to the normal level in acne and peri-oral dermatitis lesions. [1]

"By RCM, a reduction in the density of Demodex mites in facial skin of patients with rosacea under therapy, correlating to clinical improvement, can be quantified and monitored noninvasively." [2]

"Demodex proliferation also appears to be a continuum process in rosacea, and high Demodex density is beginning to be accepted as an important trigger of the inflammatory cascade and as a marker of rosacea: moreover, papulopustules of rosacea can be treated using acaricides...Multiple molecules have been reported to reduce the number or density of Demodex mites and improve or cure symptoms of demodicosis and rosacea in case studies." [3]

In one paper decreasing the demodex count didn't make any difference in the success of the treatment. "This is the first study in the literature investigating the change in demodex density in rosacea patients treated with pro-yellow laser therapy. In this study, it was shown that pro-yellow laser treatment is effective in reducing the density of demodex." This same report states, "There was no significant correlation between the decrease in the density of the demodex mite and the success of the treatment (p = 0.46)." [4]

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End Notes 

[1] International Journal of Infectious Diseases
Volume 17, Issue 5, May 2013, Pages e343–e347
Evaluation of the efficacy of oral ivermectin in comparison with ivermectin–metronidazole combined therapy in the treatment of ocular and skin lesions of Demodex folliculorum
Doaa Abdel-Badie Salema, Atef El-shazlya, Nairmen Nabiha, Youssef El-Bayoumyb, Sameh Salehc

[2] Br J Dermatol. 2015 Jul;173(1):69-75.  doi: 10.1111/bjd.13783.  Epub 2015 May 29.
Reflectance confocal microscopy for monitoring the density of Demodex mites in patients with rosacea before and after treatment
EC Sattler, VS Hoffmann, T Ruzicka, TV Braunmühl, C Berking 

[3] Dermatology and Therapy volume 10, pages1229–1253(2020)
The Pathogenic Role of Demodex Mites in Rosacea: A Potential Therapeutic Target Already in Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea?
Fabienne M. N. Forton 

[4] The effect of 577-nm pro-yellow laser on demodex density in patients with rosacea

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