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Introduction - David Jones, M.D., Ph.D.

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Hello! I spend my time doing a mix of basic science type research and clinical dermatology. My research is related to the immune system as it affects skin disease and skin cancer. My clinical work is in general dermatology, and I see a fair bit of rosacea here among the Irish in Boston. Although I know more about basic science research and immunology, I'll happy to help try to find answers for any questions.

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Guest Jenny

Hi Dr Jones

Welcome to the RRDi, albeit a tad delayed welcome! Still, a genuine welcome being given.

I would be interested to know what you would like to see researched on Rosacea. We now have two talented Grant Writers on board and no doubt they will be asking some questions to the MAC.

Do you have any personal beliefs on causes/cures (controls) for Rosacea?

Many thanks for your time.


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