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List of Anecdotal Reports of Rosaceans Who Report No Flushing

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A noted authority on rosacea, Dr. Frank Powell "insists that episodes of flushing are not a prerequisite for making a diagnosis of rosacea, and that some patients can develop the full-blown disease without a prior history of frequent flushing. Rebora too, another investigator, says that flushing is not a necessary stage in the sequence leading up to the full-blown 'red face'." Powell in his book wrote a chapter on Flushing and Blushing and confirms what other clinicians have found that while both are seen 'sufficiently often enough' in rosacea patients and both flushing and/or blushing are the 'first features of rosacea to appear in some patients," nevertheless, "flushing and blushing are not necessarily a component of the clinical picture in all patients with rosacea." Source

List of Anecdotal Reports of Rosaceans Who Report No Flushing

"I run each morning and don't really seem to flush aside from being hot. My face is back to the way it was when I woke up within 5 minutes after stopping. I had a few cups of coffee and no change. The only change in redness seems to come from applying my Lotion which subsides. What are some general thoughts on Flushing?" clfergus (post no 1) 21st April 2009 03:16 PM

"Flushing seems to be a critical symptom to the dx of rosacea and I don't think I flush. I don't even blush." Rhea (post no 1) 24th August 2012 01:58 PM

If you don't flush please post in this thread to add your experience. 

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