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Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine)

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"I tried every cream imaginable; the list of creams I didn't try is shorter. I went for 13 years without a full remission; started getting the rash really bad when I was a handsome young man, and it really was tough on my self esteem. It did a number on my face, and began to cover my scalp too.

The only thing that finally worked for me with long lasting, real remission, is plaquenil. My only regret is that I didn't try it sooner. Much, much sooner.

In hindsight, I think it was likely lupus all along, and my experience really has me questioning how many other people with "rosaceae" are just lupus sufferers.

I would encourage folks here to do an honest self audit to reconcile any symptoms that may be similar to lupus and connect the dots. And whatever you do, whatever your gut tells you, please don't give up on finding a lasting resolution.

Even if I don't have lupus, the treatment for it resolved my horrible, red, burning, painful, embarrassing rash. I don't really care what we call it because I'm able to look in the mirror again. And Im feeling my age again.

I hope everyone here finds a lasting remission. Don't stop until you do." Duff Man post no 221 on 4/17/2017


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Duff Man told us in 2917 that Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) which has been used to treat lupus works for rosacea. A recent paper published confirms this and states, " Finally, the 8-week HCQ treatment exerted satisfactory therapeutic effects on erythema and inflammatory lesions of rosacea patients, indicating that it is a promising drug for rosacea in clinical treatment." Since Hydroxychlorquine is available in a generic prescription and is available around the world in such brand names as Plaquenil, Hydroquin, Axemal, Dolquine, Quensyl, and Quinoric rosaaceans can refer to this paper and ask their physician for a prescription for an eight week course. We should be hearing reports whether more report success with this treatment. 

Hydroxychloroquine Suppresses LL37-induced Mast Cells


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