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Brady Barrows

2016 NRS Form 990 Review

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Every year for some time now I have been reviewing the NRS Form 990 which was recently posted on its web site (the NRS filed an extension). It is similar to the other reviews I have given in the past (more info). Very few, if any, rosacea sufferers are interested in how the NRS spends it money nor care at all. As far as I know I am the lone watchdog on the NRS. However, since the NRS was the chief reason the RRDi was formed because we thought donated funds could be better spent than how the NRS spends its donated funds giving rosacea sufferers an alternative, you may see why I continue to monitor and review the NRS spending and post my review. 

The nutshell version for 2016 is that the NRS received $748,671 in revenue and spent $712,214 in expenses. The NRS spent $65,092 on research grants. So that amounts to 8.69% of its donations. To put this in perspective, every dollar donated in to the NRS in 2016, about 8.6 cents was spent on research grants. 68% ($510,757) of the donations were spent on two private contractors, Glendale Communications Group, Inc. and Park Mailing and Fulfillment, Inc. that are owned by Sam Huff, President of the NRS. It was also reported that Sam received $106,774 (from Glendale and Park) in salary while his secretary, Mary Erhard, received $32,253 (from Glendale). 

Here is a breakdown of the Form 990: 

Form 990 Part 1 Revenue
Line 8 Contributions and grants  $697,448
Line 9 Program service revenue $  51,000
Line 10 Investment Income         $       223
Total Revenue                                $748,671
Line 13 Grants and similar amounts paid $65,092
Line 17 Other expenses                             $647,122
Total expenses                                           $712,214
Part VII Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors
Section A
(1) Samuel B Huff, President 
Reported compensation from related organizations $106,774
(2) Mary F. Erhard, Secretary
Reported compensation from related organizations $ 32,253
Schedule R Part V Transactions with Related Organizations
Note 1
m Performance of services or membership or fundraising solicitations for related organization(s)
n Sharing of facilities, equipment, mailing lists, or other assets with related organization(s)
o Sharing of paid employees with related organization(s)
Note 2
(1) Glendale Communications Group, Inc (c) $467,936
(2) Park Mailing and Fulfillment, Inc.         (c)  $ 42,821
Total Transactions                                               $510,757

For a spreadsheet of all the years reviewed click here

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