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Horse Paste for Rosacea?

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"Rosacea appears to be the first human skin disease to be treated with a veterinary medication....Doctors and researchers have growing concerns about the widespread use of this homegrown treatment." [1]

You can read about all this in a Reddit group r/rosacea or in the Facebook Group Rosacea (English) and this is spreading in other groups. Therefore, the rosaceans who are trying this over-the-counter treatment for horses on their rosacea while reporting success will be the first guinea pigs in this group who have valiantly gone where no rosaceans have gone before and will eventually in the future report back any of the side effects and long term results or risks associated with using a veterinary medication for horses on their rosacea. It would be ironic that using a horse paste for rosacea that costs a few dollars is just as valid as using Soolantra which has cost millions of dollars for Galderma to go through the hoops to get FDA approval.

End Notes

[1] People are turning to medication made for horses to treat rosacea, and dermatologists are concerned, J.K. Trotter, Insider

Br J Dermatol. 2018 Dec 30. doi: 10.1111/bjd.17540.
Misuse of veterinary wormers in self-medication of rosacea and scabies.
Hellen R, Ní Raghallaigh S.

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Tom Busby, SD poster extraordinare at RF, mentioned in a post on this subject at RF, "an alternative source of ivermectin, on eBay" which is ivermectin powder. I asked Tom whether this would be a good idea since it seems a lot safer to use the horse paste than have to concoct a paste with grain alcohol and his comment is, "horse paste is fairly expensive for a really tiny amount of product.... I have to assume that someone who has some experience formulating hot emulsions (oil in water) could make a non-greasy cream with this ivermectin powder." I would prefer the horse paste for a trial run before purchasing a chemistry set to make this. Most rosaceans are not into a laboratory approach to treatment preferring a pill or a topical than experimenting with such treatments in a lab coat. But, of course, this is the internet, and guess what?  Horse paste for rosacea. Watch Mr. Wizard concoct a new rosacea treatment on YouTube. Maybe we will hear reports of this. If you haven't heard of the new TXA treatment, it also requires concocting a rosacea treatment yourself by purchasing powder from Amazon or your local chemical store. 

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