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Carnivore Diet for Rosacea?

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A post by johny at RF recommends a trial diet using the principles of the 'carnivore diet' and states, " if you have decades long skin problems, you probably have issues with plant material. The best evidence is to trial the diet and see for yourself, if you give it an honest effort and don't like it no harm done."  

A thirty to ninety day trial diet cannot do any permanent damage no matter what proof you come up with, you can always go back to the way you were eating before the trial, and as johny points out, 'no harm done.'  There is a huge number of links in a google search on 'carnivore diet' and after reading several articles on this subject, I liked the one by Dave Asprey, Carnivore Diet Results: Why It Works for Some People But Didn’t for Me, who tried eating the carnivore diet for three months, and did notice some improvement which is noted in his article (no mention of rosacea, his improvements included "felt great for the first month") and then explains why modifying the carnivore diet with some tweaks to improve it. 

Sugar and Carbohydrate are rosacea triggers and any diet that reduces these two items will improve rosacea. Maybe the carnivore diet is something you can at least try and report in this thread your results. 

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