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Spironolactone for Rosacea?

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One report from Megan Tolliver‎, Rosacea Tips and Support Group, Facebook, posts, "I will also note that about a month ago I was also prescribed Spironolactone."  

When asked, "How much credence do you attribute Spironolactone as improving your skin? Are you still taking Spironolactone and, if so, how much do you take each day?" 

Megan replied, "my skin had cleared before I started the spironolactone. But it has helped with the two-three major pimples I would get just before my period. I am on the lowest dose. 25mg I believe. I mentioned it because some have asked about flaring with their cycle and I feel like it might could help them too."

In the same thread, Ashley Mitzenmacher posted a link to this article, THIS PILL (NOT *THE* PILL) HELPS TO BANISH HORMONAL ACNE—HERE’S WHAT TO KNOW, which is how spironolactone helps acne. 

Spironolactone is a potent antimineralocorticoid according to Wikipedia, and you need a prescription from your doctor. If you have experience with this drug, please post in this thread. 

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