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Private Rosacea Forum

We are pleased to announce that the RRDi is sponsoring a PRIVATE Tapatalk Rosaceans Forum at the following url: 


We hope you enjoy using the new forum. The Tapatalk Rosaceans Forum is a private forum if your prefer privacy over our Invision Community Forum (the forum you are currently using) which is a public forum for GUESTS (5% of the site is public).  

Guests may post without registering in the Invision Community Public Guest Forum. Learn more about our Invision Community private member forum (the most private rosacea forum on the internet). 

Tapatalk Rosaceans Forum

The private rosacean Tapatalk forum uses Tapatalk Gold Points for those who so choose to use this reward system, but you are not required to purchase gold points. You may purchase gold points only if you prefer to do so and are under no obligation to do so since we are sponsoring this new Tapatalk Forum. Let us know how you feel about this Tapatalk PRIVATE forum by posting in this thread or post in the Tapatalk forum. 

We sponsored this for a limited time to see if the private Tapatalk forum is popular and it has not proved popular. We have switched to the free Tapatalk basic version since we cannot afford to pay for the tiered monthly fee version. We have paid for this for over a year and there are few registrations and no engagement with the members, even though it is totally private. We will keep it going as long as it is free. 

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