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Question for Dr. Boes

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This question was emailed to Dr. Boes on August 29, 2006:

Dr. Boes,

Is there any research you could suggest our grant writers could begin volunteering their time on

that could help us?

Brady Barrows

Director RRDi

Dr. Boes reply on August 29:

Dear Mr Barrows,

I am only learning about rosacea; being a PhD in immunology (I am not a dermatologist). A brief survey of recent literature lead me to think that money might be better spent on research why rosacea afflicts certain people of certain genetic background, or whether there is a link with early in life/abundancy in life of exposure to sunlight. A dermatologist from the panel may be able to support my assessment, or perhaps refute it.

Take care,

Marianne Boes

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