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Rare Flareups

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Hi All :rolleyes:

I have had rosacea for over 15 years and have tried Metrogel with no success. The only success that I had was with SPF 60, which only helped with sun exposure. All of the preservatives and other "stuff" in the sun screen caused me other problems.

I recently found a biomedical spray liquid that has no fragrances or other problem causing ingredients and my rosacea is in remission most of the time. If I do have a flareup it is minor and does not last very long at all. I no longer have the dry skin, acne or puss pockets on the nose and cheeks. The spray is also anti-bacterial and they have a study from Harvard that seems to confirm this.

The stuff is called Kiss Care Biomedical Liquid and you can buy it from their web site. I love it! Good luck to all.

UV Man

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Thanks for the tip mchatham. I haven't heard of this product before. Maybe we will hear more good reports like yours with this product? I can't find how to buy this stuff on the the net. What is the link?

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