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Is this rosacea?

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Probably one of most frequently asked questions when searching the internet regarding rosacea is, 'IS THIS ROSACEA?

You can find this FAQ on just about every social media private rosacean group, i.e., Reddit, Facebook, etc. and invariably the questioner, a rosacea newbie, describes their skin issue in detail, sometimes including photos, and the answer in the social media group usually is, 'that's just like my condition'. 

Did the questioner, who thinks he/she has rosacea, and joins a rosacea social media group, who asks this question, go to a doctor and get a diagnosis? No, because if the questioner did get a diagnosis, he/she would know what the skin issue is with a proper diagnosis, not needing to ask such a question.

So first and foremost, CAN YOU GET A DIAGNOSIS ON THE INTERNET?,  should be read first.

With the coronavirus epidemic, doctors are now diagnosing more frequently with online sessions with patients, so this is possible, therefore, would it not be prudent to ask a dermatologist this question rather than a group of rosacea sufferers who all have rosacea (or some other rosacea mimic)? You may be able to get an online diagnosis from a dermatologist. While being in a rosacea online group with other rosacea sufferers can prove to be quite helpful, the ones in the group are not experts in diagnosis unless a member is a dermatologist, which is not likely, and even if you found such a dermatologist in an online forum or group, do you think it would be proper to diagnose in a group discussion?  

Since there are a huge number of other skin conditions that present with erythema and look so much like rosacea that the 'experts' in the rosacea social media groups are absolutely sure that your description and photos look 'exactly like my skin' and therefore can diagnose you quickly with rosacea, you might want to be sure you get a proper diagnosis and rule out all the other of skin conditions that look like rosacea and the list is staggering

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