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Is Coffee A Rosacea Trigger?

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Coffee is Not a Rosacea Flareup Trigger

First off just remember that whenever you hear about rosacea triggers that usually the list of triggers haven't been substantiated in any clinical studies and most of the triggers are simply anecdotal reports. However, one trigger has been substantiated that should be removed from the list and this trigger is coffee. It is not a rosacea trigger and coffee lovers can rejoice.

The NRS lists coffee as a trigger [1] and as a result many physicians believe this and pepetuate this misconception by telling their patients to avoid coffee. As a result rosaceans believe that coffee is a rosacea trigger when it is not. Actually the NRS says that the trigger is HOT beverages such as coffee. It would be just as valid to add to the NRS list HOT WATER! But thankfully the confusion is cleared up due to the only known rosacea trigger that has ever been actually studied in a clinical report (1981) which reports hot coffee is no more a rosacea trigger than hot water so what you need to be careful about is drinking HOT beverages to avoid a flush. [2] There is no evidence that coffee or caffeine causes a rosacea flareup. 

Difference Between a Rosacea Flareup Trigger and a Flushing Trigger

There is a difference between a rosacea flareup trigger and a flushing trigger. To understand the difference read this article

Coffee a Flushing Trigger

There is evidence that coffee is a flushing trigger. Rosacea LTD IV has a page, Your Red Face May be Caused by Caffeine Intoxication

File This Under Unfair: Your Coffee Habit May Be Causing Your Hot Flashes, Prevention, By CAROLINE PRADERIO

What are the Side Effects of Caffeine?, verywell, By Elizabeth Hartney, PhD states, "Flushed Face -- a red face at work might make you look embarrassed, and can be embarrassing!"

"Hot coffee is the most problematic source of hot flashes because you are dealing with two triggers, a hot beverage and caffeine." Caffeine & Hot Flashes by DORIE KHAN, Livestrong

End Notes

[1] See the NRS 'Official' Trigger List lists coffee under Beverages > Hot Drinks > Coffee :


[2] Oral thermal-induced flushing in erythematotelangiectatic rosacea.
Wilkin JK; J Invest Dermatol. 1981 Jan;76(1):15-8.

The effects of caffeine and coffee, agents widely alleged to provoke flushing in patients with erythematotelangiectatic rosacea, were investigated. Neither caffeine nor coffee at 22 degrees C led to flushing reactions. Both coffee at 60 degrees C and water at 60 degrees C led to flushing reactions with similar temporal characteristics and of similar intensities. It is concluded that the active agent causing flushing in coffee at 60 degrees C is heat, not caffeine.

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