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Brady Barrows

White wine may increase risk for rosacea in women, study says

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"Researchers have found that women who consume alcohol may be more likely to develop rosacea than non-drinking women, with white wine and liquor being the biggest offenders."

White wine linked to rosacea: study, New York Daily News

White wine, liquor may raise women's risk of rosacea, by Honor Whiteman, Medical News Today

Your Favorite Drink May Increase Your Risk of This Skin Condition, by Brittany Burhop, Senior Editor, NewBeauty

Drinking White Wine Raises Your Risk of Developing Rosacea
By Ashley Weatherford,The Cut, NY Mag

White wine may do no favors for a woman's skin, By CBS News, KZBK

Alcohol consumption increases rosacea risk in women, Science Daily

White Wine Raises Women's Risk for Rosacea, NewsMax

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