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  1. "Common of adverse effects seen in our study after applying topical corticosteroids and acne or acneiform eruptions was the most common side effects, similar to other authors’ data. A study showed rosacea to be more common than acne. In our study 89 patients suffered from TSDF, a term coined by Sarasswat A., Lahiri K. et al. Various other adverse effects, such as erythema, telengiectasias, dyspigmentation and perioral dermatitis was also seen." J Dermatol Case Rep. 2017 Mar 31; 11(1): 5–8. Published online 2017 Mar 31. doi: 10.3315/jdcr.2017.1240 PMCID: PMC5439689 Misuse of topical corticosteroids on facial skin. A study of 200 patients. Rohini Sharma,, Sameer Abrol, and Mashqoor Wani
  2. "In conclusion, we have found that LCs are essential for maintaining subbasal nerve health and for regulating ocular surface inflammation in DE disease." PLoS One. 2017; 12(4): e0176153. Published online 2017 Apr 25. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0176153 PMCID: PMC5404869 Langerhans cells prevent subbasal nerve damage and upregulate neurotrophic factors in dry eye disease Eun Young Choi, Hyun Goo Kang, Chul Hee Lee, Areum Yeo, Hye Mi Noh, Nayeong Gu, Myoung Joon Kim, Jong Suk Song, Hyeon Chang Kim, and Hyung Keun Lee
  3. "While many people may find their skin gets sensitive and red at times, for people with rosacea these symptoms are more serious and permanent." BEAUTYGLOSSARY: WHAT IS ROSACEA?, Bazaar
  4. "Allergan plc, (NYSE: AGN), a leading global pharmaceutical company, announced that Emmy® and Tony® award-winning actress and singer, Kristin Chenoweth will kick off the "Less Red, More You" campaign today at an exclusive event in New York City. As part of the campaign, Ms. Chenoweth, who suffers from rosacea, will ignite a nationwide conversation about the typically underserved condition while raising awareness for RHOFADE™ cream, a new product indicated for the topical treatment of persistent facial erythema associated with rosacea in adults." Kristin Chenoweth Kicks Off 'Less Red, More You' Campaign To Launch RHOFADE™ (Oxymetazoline HCL) Cream, 1%, PR Newswire
  5. "When treating rosacea, I always prescribe topical agents first and, if necessary, add an oral medication. I wean my patients off of oral medication as soon as possible and use a maintenance topical regimen to keep their skin clear," says Carin H. Gribetz, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. A Side-by-Side Look at the Most Common Rosacea Treatments, by Elizabeth Szaluta, MPH, Medscape
  6. A Link to One Type in Particular Has Been Established. Patients with rosacea often experience flushing and paroxysmal burning of the face and chest—a phenotype termed "neurogenic rosacea." Intriguingly, patients with neurogenic rosacea also may have a higher prevalence of migraines (recurrent headaches and nausea, triggered by light or sound). Graeme M. Lipper, MD, Medscape, News & Perspective > Viewpoints Prevalence and Risk of Migraine in Patients With Rosacea: A Population-Based Cohort Study Egeberg A, Ashina M, Gaist D, Gislason GH, Thyssen JP J Am Acad Dermatol. 2017;76:454-458.
  7. Thought I would update my Soolantra thread. I stopped Soolantra as you can review on February 13. I then got some samples from my dermatologist with the following prescription treatments: Avar-e Green Color Corrective Emolilent Cream (sodium sulfacetamide 10%, sulfur 5%) Ovace Plus Cream (sodium sulfacetamide 10%) Ovace Plus Lotion (sodium sulfacetamide 9.8%) My dermatologist gave me a number of Soolantra samples too! In March, April and through today I would try the above three samples alternatively as well as use Soolantra once in a while (about once a week). I have found that the Avar-e Green seems to work the best for me. However the other day I got a sunburn because I go to the beach and swim just about every day and really got burnt. Not good for rosacea. But I have enclosed some update photos. I will continue to use this thread to post my regimen.
  8. I see. I know that low carb/high protein helps control my rosacea. I think that Soolantra works for some just like just about every other treatment or rosacea. I do think it is worth trying out since so many say it works for them. Soolantra is definitely one of the treatments in the armamentarium for rosacea.
  9. "Rosacea can be referred to as “adult acne” and this is a different entity altogether – rosacea is an inflammatory condition that can cause redness and/or acne-like bumps on the face. It can be triggered by sun exposure, stress, spicy foods and alcohol. There are topical and oral treatment options available depending on disease severity." DocTalk: Dr. Megan Joint, By Katie Green, Observer-Reporter
  10. "“I immediately notice the quality of the skin and hair, which gives me tremendous insight into the patient’s diet and stress levels,” says Whitney Bowe, MD, a board-certified Dermatologist in New York City." This Is the First Thing Your Dermatologist Notices About You BY AUBREY ALMANZA, Reader's Digest
  11. "At the age of 46, Pamela was suffering from an advanced form of rosacea called rhinophyma. However, the cause of this unusual growth of nose condition is unknown, but it commonly develops after rosacea begins on the face between the ages of 25 and 50. She tried every medicine prescribed by the doctor but nothing worked. She was suffering from an unfortunate medical condition. After her interview being telecasted on TV, she was offered free surgery by Dr. Ann Zedlitz to correct the growth of her nose! And today, after her surgery she looks like this now!" HER NOSE STARTED TO GROW UNCONTROLLABLY AT AGE 15, TODAY SHE LOOKS LIKE THIS By Akanksha Manhas, PagalParrot More on Phenotype Phymatous
  12. Laser is usually the preferred way to remove spider veins. Joe Niamtu, III, MD, show how he does it with the handy dandy Iridex 940 laser:
  13. Tom Busby, expert extraordinaire at RF, wrote "VeinWave, or the newer version, VeinGogh, will remove facial spider veins. A needle about the size of a human hair, with a small electric current, heats up the vein and coagulates the blood. Then the blood is reabsorbed and the skin is clear." 4th June 2013 03:32 AM Post #7 "Vein wave is a through the skin radiofrequency treatment for small visible veins. This has very little recovery and little bruising and works fairly well, the main issue is to find an office that has a machine made within the last year (only 5 in US) as previous models were underpowered and may not have resulted in complete treatment." Jordan Knepper, MD Ann Arbor Vascular Surgeon, realself, July 26th, 2016 "There are many ways to remove surface veins. I would suggest laser therapy instead of vein wave to eliminate facial spider veins. Laser can be more powerful than RF." Dr. Karamanoukian, Los Angeles, realself, January 4, 2017 Albert Malvehy, MD, treats this unwanted occurrence using foam sclerotherapy.
  14. Rosacea Therapeutics Market Pipeline Review H1 2017
  15. Looks like the NRS is responding to the new phenotype classification of rosacea by the ROSCO panel with this abstract. We await the full article to view all the content.