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  1. Diet and rosacea have been well documented with a host of food triggers and even the amount and type of food consumed. It can difficult seperating anectodal reports and research. Rosaceans have some simularities in food triggers, but wouldn't it be nice to nail this down better? I vote "yes". Dr Steve Johnson
  2. I am pleased to be a new member of the RRDi. My emphasis has been on the treatment on rosacea with IPL and medications. I always have an open mind to what works and how we may better treat rosacea today and tomorrow. My thoughts on rosacea today is in the realm of a chronic disease model. Finding a cure to a chronic disease may be better represented by finding a long term control of this disease. Knowing the exact cause of rosacea may or may not help in treatment or we may never know. I do certainly believe we will find a sure fire way to control rosacea for most if not all rosacea sufferers. I have one particular idea that may help and will discuss it as I develop more info. Glad to work with RRDi any way I can. Dr Steve Johnson [Editor's Note: Dr. Johnson was appointed to serve on the board of directors effective November 6, 2006]
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