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  1. MAC Members, What I want to know sooner as possible is: Do you think I should take isotretinoin pills? I just get a red face sometimes (flush), I don't have pustles or papules. I'd like to know what would you do in this case. What's your advice for me? Thanks! Lucia
  2. My dermatologist told me to use the Roaccutan pills, but I'm not sure if it's proved that it works in rosacea, and if it does, how does it work? Besides, I'm in the "phase one" of rosacea (I get red cheeks and nose with stress and temperature changes, but nothing else yet) and I'm dealing pretty well with metronidazol. Metronidazol "stops" it where you are? I don't want to get worse. Thanks! Sorry if I can't make me understand, I'm from Uruguay and my English is basic 8I understand it better than I write it)
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