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  1. I'd like to mention iodine. I was found to be iodine deficient by two spot urine tests. There is debate about which test is the more accurate. The 24 hour urine collection, after taking a very high dose of iodine. Or the spot test. Each camp will offer proof as to which test should be the favoured one. Those in the 50 mg dose camp insist there are never any side effects. I would beg to differ. Too much iodine can cause flushing even in non flushers and anecdotal reports of this can be found in forums. Like many triggers, it can cause persistent flushing. And of course there are the thyroid issues, but they don't seem to be as prevalent as official literature suggests. However, lower doses can be helpful. I had a difficult time adjusting to iodine, but the biggest improvement I had was a significant reduction in flushing. In particular, nose flushing. My nose flushing used to be hell and uncontrollable. These days it is much milder. I take several supplements but it was the iodine that made the quickest and most obvious impact. (Iodine+niacinamide+vitamin C). I took all separately initially. What is interesting, is that a quick google can turn up anecdotal reports from menopausal women who found their hot flashes reduced or completely resolved following iodine supplementation. There are users who have triggered flushing too, so I tend to think testing for deficiency is prudent before trialling iodine. There are a few breast cancer survivors who report the same benefit. So one must consider, aside from thyroid health, what role or roles does iodine have in vasodilation, hormonal balance and vascular health? My physician (and others) have noted the potent anti inflammatory effects of iodine. I have regular blood tests including a full thyroid panel to monitor thyroid function as I developed Hashimoto's due to iodine deficiency and my on going gut flora issues. I also had lowish zinc and borderline low retinol, but it has been pointed out to me by my physician and my scientist mentors, that tests for nutritional deficiencies aren't overly accurate, not unless someone is extremely deficient. It is interesting to note, that some of the worst flushers on the forum, have thyroid disease - and nutritional deficiencies and insufficiencies have been linked to thyroid dysfunction. Along with gut issues. Then there is the query as to whether blood serum levels are reflective of cellular levels. Personally I think this is an area which needs exploration. As usual, multiple questions and no answers. Alas.
  2. Mistica

    Blood Pressure and Rosacea

    I'd like to reply to this thread by linking the following article by Dr Brownstein. Pharmaceutical companies are always on the lookout to make an extra buck at the expense of the patient's health. http://blog.drbrownstein.com/new-hypertension-guidelines-same-old-song/ Too low a B/P triggers flushing in me. It sits around 95/62. When it drops lower I develop flushing and other symptoms. Of course I flush due to other triggers too. My mother, who had vascular dementia suffers worsened symptoms and at times, deterioration when her B/P becomes too low. Her brain becomes hypoxic. She has been evaluated by medical professionals and such effects are demonstrated in studies. Hypoxia has been suggested in the facial veins of rosaceans too. I believe Prof Peat spoke about it. In his article, I believe he was talking about hypoxia induced by endotoxins for example, but I imagine there could be more than one cause.
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    Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    On that note, I have something to post in the Trigeminal sensory malfunction theory thread.
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    Soolantra Review by Brady Barrows

    I too love ZZ cream and like you, Brady, find it crucial to controlling my symptoms. In my case, I mix it with my compounded Niacinamide Gel, as the newer ZZ base didn't sit well on my face. It dried like poster paint. Plus, I love my niacinamide gel and it offers it's own benefits. The two combined work well for me...... unless ........ (like you), my gut function is not also under control. I have followed your posts for years and I am convinced that whilst ZZ cream helps control symptoms in our faces, our primary issues come from the gut. Yet, treating the gut alone is not enough. ZZ cream seems to help restore harmony (to a point) in the face. I am also convinced that my breakouts, when they occur have little or anything to do with demodex. Based on what you report, yours aren't either. This begs the question yet again, why do medications such as ivermectin provide relief for some type 1's? Or even type 2's? I feel the answer lies in how the medications interact with nerve cells in addition to relieving inflammation. Menthol in the ZZ cream also interacts with one of the TRP family. From memory I think it is the TRPM8. I've no doubt ZZ provides antimicrobial effects (as well as mite control) as well, but then, so do commercial sulphur topicals and personally, I don't find them overly useful at all. ZZ is different. I also feel that the base of Soolantra, being cetaphil lotion, is a poor choice and given lotions and potions in general fire up many faces, adding oil to the inferno, whilst trying to put out the fire, doesn't seem logical. I am also not convinced that the massive outbreaks that some people report when starting ZZ cream is always due to a sudden demodex die off, as people in the ivermectin trial where I live reported no such thing. There are reports of such outbreaks of P&P's from people who have been regular users of Pot, for example, or certain antidepressants and yet again, this suggests a change of firing in the nerve cells. Perhaps ZZ also modifies them? Anyway, at the end of the day, ZZ cream seems the best topical for your case and mine (in conjunction with the niacinamide gel) and I do hope that you can find some way to continue purchasing it. As you say, it is pricey, alas. Perhaps you could find a non oily gel with which to mix it? You are a trooper testing different products over the years and providing photographic blogs.