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  1. So how did you achieve remission? What regimen treatment did you use?
  2. Admin

    Brady's Blog

    Here is my update in photos after twenty days using azelaic acid. I used up one tube of the generic gel and started using the Finacea 15% Foam about a week ago. Still taking the low dose doxycycline tabs (20 mg) twice a day.
  3. Similar to the VeinGogh device is another brand, Veinwave™, which uses "thermocoagulation to safely and effectively treat spider veins (telangiectasia) on the face and body. The procedure was developed by vascular surgeons to treat small spider veins that cannot be treated with sclerotherapy injections." [1] This is NOT photo dynamic therapy. You can watch a video how its done in the end note. [1] "The Veinwave™ has been widely used outside the USA for rosacea, but has not yet been cleared by the FDA for this. The European physicians find the Veinwave™ is very successful at removing the s
  4. Hi John, Welcome to the RRDi. I am not an expert on this and immediately thought of Tom Busby who I asked what his advice would be for you. Tom is kind and immediately replied to my inquiry and here is his response: ------------------begin Tom Busby response: Hi Brady: You could reply and advise that he would google ivermectin solubility. This will show that ivermectin is soluble in methanol (rubbing alcohol) or 95% ethanol (EverClear). However, he will need to determine the best way to dissolve it, which probably involves heating the alcohol/ivermectin mix, perhaps at
  5. There is a unique device used to treat telangiectasia, spider veins or varicose veins called VeinGogh which is "a microwave-based therapy" according to Wave3 News. [1] This is NOT a photo dynamic therapy but instead uses 'energy pulses' rather than light. It is recommended that physicians use this device on patients and should receive training. [2] It is not a 'do it yourself' device. You can watch this video that explains more: It is not for the novice to use, since it costs over $14K US dollars. [3] There are other brands, i.e., Veinwave, etc. Not everyone is happy with the
  6. A new prescription topical treatment is in clinical trials and the results are impressive. The new topical is Rosazel by Alma Development. The Rosazel website states, "REGULATORY STATUS Medical Device Class I (Marking in progress)." A paper with ROSAZEL in the title, concludes, "This new GSH-C4, beta-glycyrrethic and azelaic acids cream has shown to be efficacious in mild to moderate rosacea subjects. Local tolerability is in line with other anti-rosacea treatments." [1] Rosazel Ingredients (source) Azeloglicina®: a combination between azelaic acid and glycine with soothing and
  7. Face shields and masks with exhalation valves were found to be less effective at protecting others from the coronavirus than normal face coverings, according to a study on Tuesday. New research, published in the journal Physics of Fluids, determined that the two options, which some wearers find more comfortable -- allowed ejected particles to escape, putting those around you in danger of being exposed to the virus. The findings come amid an increasing trend of people replacing their regular cloth or surgical masks with clear plastic face shields, or masks equipped with exhalation va
  8. A paper on Dye pulsed light (DPL) concluded, "DPL is not the optimal procedure for treating severe telangiectasia in patients with ETR, whereas the efficacy of the treatment for erythema was not affected by the severity of the condition." Dermatol Ther (Heidelb). 2020 Aug 31;: Retrospective Study of Factors Affecting Efficacy of Therapy with Dye Pulsed Light for Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea. Zhao L, You C, Chen H, Wang J, Cao J, Qi M, Hou S, Zheng X, Shao L, Liu Q
  9. Sandoz has a generic Azelaic Acid Gel 15% which was announced on March 13, 2018. [1] Product Information More information on Azelaic Acid Teva Generics also provides a generic version. [2] Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc also makes a generic version. [3] End Notes [1] Finacea® (azelaic acid) – First-time generic, OptumRx [2] Generic of Finacea® Gel, 15%, Teva Generics [3] Glenmark Pharmaceuticals receives ANDA approval for Azelaic Acid Gel, 15%, Glenmark Press Release
  10. Admin

    Brady's Blog

    It has been five days using the Azelaic Gel on the back of my scalp and on my face. It has reduced the itch and has improved the folliculitis on the scalp, but just a little improvement on the red spots of my face. I still have them. I am also taking the 20 mg tabs of doxycycline twice a day. I have just about used up the Free & Clear sample shampoo tubes (on the last one).
  11. "Adex Gel is a highly moisturising and protective skin emollient which has an ancillary anti-inflammatory medicinal substance. It helps in the treatment and routine management of dry and/or inflamed skin conditions such as mild to moderate atopic dermatitis, various forms of eczema, contact dermatitis and psoriasis in circumstances where ancillary anti-inflammatory action added to the primary emollient action may be beneficial (e.g. during flares). Such use may help reduce reliance on more potent anti-inflammatory treatments such as corticosteroids and immunomodulators." [1] It is available in
  12. "However, shortcomings in these diagnostic criteria and subtyping have become apparent. This includes the lack of specificity of some primary features (flushing, papules/pustules, telangiectasia), the exclusion of phyma as a primary feature and the conflation of multiple features into subtypes. For example, the erythematotelangiectatic subtype comprises flushing and persistent central facial erythema with or without telangiectasia, whereas the papulopustular subtype comprises persistent central facial erythema with transient, central facial papules and/or pustules. Thus, both have persistent c
  13. Tom Busby makes a lotion for SD which the RRDi is posting pro bono. You can read all about this lotion and how to purchase by reading the pdf below. If you have used this lotion you can find the reply button and post in this thread. Tom also makes a shampoo. Review of OTC Treatments for Malassezia skin conditions-for Square Space-2.pdf Please tell Tom you heard about his AquaVive Lotion from the RRDi.
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