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  1. Whether there is any evidence that BC and rosacea is actually a theory or not, mainly because there are not any clinical or authoritative papers on this subject, we can rate this as a PRE THEORY or interesting subject to discuss. Nevertheless, you can read these posts/threads about this whatever you want to call this subject: Q. Can rosacea be aggravated by birth control pills?Women May Need Added TherapyHow Birth Control Ruined My SkinBirth Control And RosaceaBirth Control to all women who suffer from rosacea sorry guysRosacea and Birth Control Pills TreatoHow I've Been Dealing Since Going Off The Pill Wrecked My SkinRosacea Acne/just got off birth control pillWhat Causes Acne? "Starting or stopping birth control pills"The Best Birth Control Pills for Acne Treatment in Women If you have any thoughts or other links to add to this thread, that is what volunteering is all about and hope you can add to this discussion.
  2. Wikipedia says, "Oxymetazoline is available over-the-counter as a topical decongestant in the form of oxymetazoline hydrochloride in nasal sprays such as Otrivin, Afrin, Operil, Dristan, Dimetapp, Oxyspray, Facimin, Nasivin, Nostrilla, Sudafed OM, Vicks Sinex, Zicam, SinuFrin, Drixoral and Mucinex Full Force. In the United States, oxymetazoline 1% cream is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for topical treatment of persistent facial erythema (redness) associated with rosacea in adults. Due to its vasoconstricting properties, oxymetazoline is also used to treat nose bleeds and eye redness due to minor irritation (marketed as Visine L.R. in the form of eye drops).
  3. "If you have rosacea, you just need to be more careful. You can’t be flinging things on your face with abandon," she explains. "The skin of many rosacea sufferers may also be sensitive and easily irritated." Dr. Sarah Tonks of The Lovely Clinic The Skin-Care Trends You Should Try If You Have Sensitive Skin DANIELA MOROSINI, Refinery29
  4. "In fact her symptoms were an early sign of rosacea but it was not until she was in her 20s and at university that she discovered the full force of the crippling skin condition. Her face erupted overnight into what she described as a 'red hot mess' and said when she ran her fingers over her skin 'it felt like brail'. Alarmed, Miss Kelly visited her GP who did not even consider it could be rosacea because of her age." 'I was the youngest case of rosacea my doctor had seen', By JACK FLANAGAN, DailyMail
  5. "The best cleansers for rosacea are, in general, gentle, non-drying and non-abrasive, but at the same time, they effectively remove makeup, dirt, pollutants, and dead skin. Rosacea is essentially hypersensitive skin that’s easily irritated by many of the ingredients found in common makeup and skin care products." The 5 Best Cleansers For Rosacea, By DEANNA MCCORMACK, Bustle RRDi Amazon affiliate links below are the cleaners recommended by Deanna in the above article. When you purchase below we receive a small fee. Mahalo for your support.
  6. A generic Soolantra is now available. For more information.
  7. Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles (GNP) which are coated with a mixture of hydroxyl- and carboxyl terminated thiolates (GNP.OH/COOH) and with the serine protease inhibitor 4-(2-aminoethyl) benzenesulfonyl fluoride hydrochloride (AEBSF·HCl) are being studied as "a new intracellular delivery strategy for both small drugs and antibodies in the treatment of skin diseases such as Rosacea." [1] "Nanotechnology is one of the most exigent and fastest growing branches in the field of science and engineering. 16th century people already used noble gold nanoparticles for the medical and staining purpose. They have proved to be very useful for stomatology, pharmacy and implantology tissue engineering.....Gold nanoparticles have bactericidal effect against animal pathogens, food pathogens and it has other pharmacological activities." [2] "Anostructured supramolecular hydrogels and gold nanoparticles, as two kinds of nanomaterials, were synthsized, characterized and evaluated for their potential as drug delivery systems. Two bis-imidazolium cationic surfactants (1·2Br and 2·2Br) were used as low molecular weight gelators that can incorporate anionic neutral and cationic drugs which can be used in the treatment of skin diseases such as Rosacea and Psoriasis.....Gold nanoparticles (GNP) for the treatment of Rosacea were designed and synthesized using thiolated PEG molecules of sufficient length with a mixture of hydroxyl and carboxyl groups on their surface (GNP.OH/COOH)." [3] "Under dark field illumination, gold nanoparticles are up to a million times brighter than organic dyes due to the particles’ large optical scattering cross-section at the plasmon resonance wavelength. A low concentration of gold conjugates on the order of nM is sufficient to produce a sharp image. Gold nanoparticles are also resistant to photo-blinking and photo-bleaching, allowing continuous and extended cell imaging, tracking, and analysis." [4] End Notes [1] Multifunctional serine protease inhibitor-coated water-soluble gold nanoparticles as a novel targeted approach for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases. Bioconjug Chem. 2018 Feb 06;: Limon D, Fabrega MJ, Calpena AC, Badía J, Baldoma L, Pérez-García L [2] Biochem Biophys Rep. 2017 Sep; 11: 46–57. Published online 2017 Jun 21. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrep.2017.06.004 PMCID: PMC5614687 Phyto-assisted synthesis, characterization and applications of gold nanoparticles – A review J. Santhoshkumar, S. Rajeshkumar, and S. Venkat Kumar [3] Micro- and nanomaterials for drug delivery in skin diseases, Limón Magaña, David, Deposit Digital, Universitat de Barcelona [4] i-colloidTM Gold Nanoparticle Cell Imaging Kit 40 nm Gold Nanoparticles
  8. "Gut bacteria, or H. Pylori, help produce a protein known as bradykinin. This protein causes vessels in the blood to dilate, which may be the cause of rosacea in some cases. However, this theory remains to be proven." 12 top tips for treating rosacea, Starts at 60, Everyday Health For more information
  9. Bradykinin Theory

    "Gut bacteria, or H. Pylori, help produce a protein known as bradykinin. This protein causes vessels in the blood to dilate, which may be the cause of rosacea in some cases. However, this theory remains to be proven." 12 top tips for treating rosacea, Starts at 60, Everyday Health Bradykinin "is a peptide that causes blood vessels to dilate (enlarge), and therefore causes blood pressure to fall.....It has long been known in animal studies that bromelain, a substance obtained from the stems and leaves of the pineapple plant, suppresses trauma-induced swelling caused by the release of bradykinin into the bloodstream and tissues." Wikipedia The effects of bradykinin "causes contraction of non-vascular smooth muscle in the bronchus and gut, increases vascular permeability and is also involved in the mechanism of pain. Bradykinin also causes natriuresis, contributing to the drop in blood pressure." Wikipedia "As noted, inflammatory mediators may be operative in the vasodilation seen in rosacea patients. Inflammatory mediators such as substance P, histamine, serotonin, bradykinin, or prostaglandins have been implicated." [1] "It is possible that intestinal bacteria are capable of plasma kallikrein–kinin activation and that flushing symptoms and the development of other characteristic features of rosacea result from frequent episodes of neurogenic inflammation caused by bradykinin-induced hypersensitization of facial afferent neurones." [2] "Flushing in rosacea has been investigated by means of (a) pharmacological inhibition of some possible chemical mediators and (b) titration of bradykinin as a possible effector directly in the blood. Clonidine-inhibited flushing was seen in all patients (mean 45%), other drugs had poorer results. Bradykinin increased in all patients at the climax of flushing (mean 60%). These findings support the hypothesis that epinephrine promotes a bradykinin release responsible for vasodilation." [3] "Some research suggests that this bacteria produces a protein called bradykinin that can cause blood vessels to dilate, giving rise to rosacea symptoms." [4] "It has also been suspected that the Helicobacter pylori strain of bacteria, normally found in the digestive tract, might trigger an increase in the protein bradykinin, which can cause your blood vessels to dilate or expand." [5] "Disclosed herein are methods for the treatment or prevention of rosacea in a patient, including administering a compound that inhibits one or more components of the bradykinin activation pathway in an amount sufficient to reduce or prevent one or more symptoms of rosacea.....Accordingly, the invention features a method of treating or preventing rosacea by administering a compound that inhibits a component or components of the bradykinin activation pathway." [6] "However, given the increased numbers of substance P-immunoreactive neurons and the vascular hypersensitivity observed in rosacea skin, it would seem more likely that it is not the direct vasoactivity of bradykinin (as suggested in these studies) that is responsible for rosacea symptoms, but that bradykinin is stimulating and sensitizing afferent neurons and that the resulting neurogenic inflammation is responsible for the expression of rosacea symptoms." [7] "Alcohol ingestion increases bradykinin levels, which leads to flushing that is blocked by clonidine. This suggests that bradykinin, not alcohol, may be a direct mediator of flushing." [8] End Notes [1] The Proposed Inflammatory Pathophysiology of Rosacea: Implications for Treatment, Larry Millikan, MD, Skinmed. 2003;2 (1). MedScape [2] Clin Exp Dermatol. 2004 May;29(3):297-9. Remission of rosacea induced by reduction of gut transit time. Kendall SN [3] Arch Dermatol Res. 1982;272(3-4):311-6. Flushing in rosacea: a possible mechanism. Guarrera M, Parodi A, Cipriani C, Divano C, Rebora A. [4] Rosacea Causes, By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD, News Medical Life Sciences [5] A.Vogel Talks about the causes of rosacea [6] Treatment of rosacea , US 7105172 B1 [7] Neurogenic inflammation and involvement of the kallikrein-kinin system [8] The pathophysiology of rosacea, Patient Care, Modern Medicine Network
  10. "I asked cosmetic doctor and rosacea sufferer, Dr. Sarah Tonks of The Lovely Clinic how she navigates the waters. "If you have rosacea, you just need to be more careful, you can’t be flinging things on your face with abandon. The skin of many rosacea sufferers may also be sensitive and easily irritated," she explained (though I’m sure you at home already know this quite well)." Dear Daniela: Which Products Should I Use For My Rosacea? DANIELA MOROSINI, Refinery29
  11. There are some who worry that florescent lights trigger rosacea flareups (Thread no 1, Thread no 2, Thread no 3, Thread no 4). There aren't any clinical papers about this so it is purely an anecdotal trigger to add to the list. There is a great scene in Joe vs the Volcano where Tom Hanks says, "Zombie lights, I...I..I, can feel them sucking the juice out of my eyeballs. Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck....gghhoooish!!!"
  12. Makeup And Medicine

    Bee Propolis has been moved to Non Prescription > Natural Treatments
  13. On January 17, 2018, Kathleen Richards of the East Bay Express writes, "Not only does Trump have heart disease, but he also suffers from rosacea.....The fact that Trump uses Soolantra Cream to control his rosacea clearly indicates a problem that’s more than skin-deep."
  14. Volunteering with the RRDi

    If there are any members who would like to volunteer, I really need some help. Please CONTACT me giving me your name and email address you registered with the RRDi. Unless I get some volunteers the whole reason the RRDi was created will be lost.
  15. On January 16, 2018, CBS News reports, "Mr. Trump currently takes Crestor, for lowering cholesterol; Aspirin; Propecia, for hair loss; Soolantra Cream for rosacea; and a multivitamin."