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  1. "These findings demonstrate the broad‐spectrum antiviral property of ivermectin benefiting for COVID‐19 treatment in the context of predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine in virus‐related diseases." J Cell Physiol. 2020 Sep 22 : 10.1002/jcp.30055. doi: 10.1002/jcp.30055 [Epub ahead of print] Quantitative proteomics reveals a broad‐spectrum antiviral property of ivermectin, benefiting for COVID‐19 treatment Na Li, Lingfeng Zhao, Xianquan Zhan "Close to 70 clinical trials are currently in progress worldwide for SARS-CoV-2. Although few of these studies have been completed
  2. Comments on "The Decrease of Demodex Density After Nd:YAG Laser Application for Facial Telengiactasias: A Case Report". Dermatol Ther. 2020 Oct 27;: Clatici VG, Voicu C, Barinova E, Tatu AL
  3. The RRDi has been using Invision Community forum platform since 2004. When we started in 2004 it was recommended by Warren Stuart who was the assistant director of the RRDi to use what was then called Invision Power Services (later the name was changed to Invision Community). It is a powerful platform with many add-on features and a significant number of developers adding plugins and additional features to the platform. However, with the advent of mobile devices and social media platforms the trend has focused on mobile apps using iOS and Android devices found in the Apple App Store and Google
  4. * Artificially Sweetened Drinks "Records for 104,760 participants were included....Artificially sweetened beverages were defined as those containing non-nutritive sweeteners. Sugary drinks consisted of all beverages containing 5% or more sugar....Researchers looked at first incident cases of cardiovascular disease during follow-up from 2009-2019, which were defined as stroke, transient ischemic attack, myocardial infarction, acute coronary syndrome and angioplasty. After excluding the first three years of follow-up to account for potential reverse causality bias, 1,379 participants h
  5. 13 Variants of Rosacea The RRDi recognizes these thirteen variants of rosacea: Demodectic Rosacea Gastrointestinal Rosacea [GR], aka, Gut Rosacea Glandular Rosacea Granulomatous Rosacea Halogen rosacea Idiopathic facial aseptic granuloma (IFAG) Neurogenic Rosacea Pyoderma Faciale Rosacea Conglobata Rosacea Fulminans Rosacea Lymphedema (Morbihan Disease) Rosacea Perioral Dermatitis [RPD] Steroid Rosacea [Facial corticosteroid addictive dermatitis] (FCAD) Etcetera Variant vs Subtype vs Phenotype
  6. A new article on the pathophysiology of rosacea overlaps with demodectic rosacea and the phenotype classification. Below are the three highlights considered in the paper: (1) New hypotheses to explain how Demodex mites may control host immunity, by analogy with what happens in tumor pathology: inducing tolerogenic dendritic cells through their Tn Ag, and diverting the body's defence reaction by exploiting the immunosuppressive properties of VEGF; (2) Leading to consider rosacea not as a disease of the innate immunity, but as a chronicle infection by Demodex with T cell exhaustion;
  7. Volunteer Beta Testers Needed! Note: We have applied our community forum with Invision Community to list us under EDUCATION and we are still awaiting approval. As soon as we have been approved we will announce it and you should see the RRDi Member Forum listed along with the others. We are pleased to announce that a new mobile app is available in beta version for Android (for Apple devices using iOS you need to scroll further down). You can find it on the Google Play store. It is the Invision COMMUNITIES app (not the Invision Community app which is for admins ONLY). Ditto, confusing
  8. As of this date there are at least 80 systemic comorbidities listed associated with rosacea. Can you find anywhere on the internet a list like this? That is what the RRDi is about, 'everything rosacea.' We attempt to have on one website a comprehensive database of 'everything rosacea.' Can you find all the information on rosacea at the other non profit organizations for rosacea? Why not browse the other non profit organizations for rosacea and see if they even come close to all the data we have categorized into logical categories for your investigative research into rosacea? Do they have th
  9. According to PRNewswire, New York, dated December 5, 2018, 'rosacea therapeutics demand to exceed $2 billion dollars.' This report includes an interesting factoid that "In the consolidated competitive landscape of rosacea therapeutics market, four leading companies account for over 75% share of the total market value, including Pfizer Inc., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and Bayer A." Rosacea Therapeutics Demand to Exceed US$ 2 Billion in 2019 - Persistence Market Research, PRNewswire, 12/5/2018
  10. "Today, Aug. 21, 2019, a Delaware court issued an opinion finding three key patents covering Galderma’s Soolantra acne cream invalid and not infringed by Teva’s generic product....The FDA granted tentative approval to Teva’s generic product in March of this year; because of today’s decision, the FDA is now permitted to grant final approval. Today’s opinion is favorable for Teva, which may now launch its generic product at risk once it receives final approval from the FDA." (TEVA) Soolantra: Delaware Court Finds Galderma Patents Invalid; Teva May Launch Generic Version of Soolantra At Risk
  11. This is a note from the RRDi Treasurer about grant writing basics. Please read this page first! The RRDi received some education grants from Galderma which you can review here: https://irosacea.org/articles/rrdi-education-grants/ Grant writing is a tedious and arduous task and we appreciate your volunteering to help us. We went through all sorts of hoops with Galderma to get those grants. Now the process has changed and we are still trying to figure it out. What each company requires is different and you have to go through hoops to learn. Basically, it would be prud
  12. "It was detected that number of Demodex affected from the glucose level and each increase in glucose level cause an increase on Demodex as 0.190 (P = .00, t = 4.746, B = 0.190, r = 0.57, Durbin-Watson = 1.801, confidence interval = 0.110 to 0.271 (for glucose))." J Cosmet Dermatol. 2020 Oct 05;: Association between Demodex folliculorum and Metabolic Syndrome. Toka Özer T, Akyürek Ö, Durmaz S Demodex Density Count - What are the Numbers? Sugar and Rosacea
  13. You can make a difference while you shop Amazon Prime Day deals on October 13 & 14. Simply shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/20-1259275 or with AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon Shopping app and AmazonSmile donates to Rosacea Research And Development Institute.
  14. Now available announced by Vyne Therapeutics. Ask your dermatologist. Post your experience in this thread. Find the reply button. "The Company also announced that the annual list price of ZILXI will be $485 per 30-gram canister, in parity with the wholesale price of AMZEEQ® (minocycline) topical foam, 4%, the Company's topical minocycline indicated for the treatment of inflammatory lesions of non-nodular moderate to severe acne vulgaris in adults and pediatric patients 9 years of age and older." PR Newswire Association LLC. All Rights Reserved. A Cision company
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    Went to my dermatologist appointment yesterday and Dr. Harper feels that her regimen is improving my rosacea/SD/folliculitis and I concur. She says to keep taking the 20 mg tab oral doxycycline twice a day and gave me more generic 15% azelaic acid gel prescriptions and scheduled an appointment for my next visit February 1, 2021. The Finacea she offered to refill more prescriptions but my insurance co-payment is $57 and even though I think the 15% Finacea Foam is probably better than the generic 15% gel, I don't think it is that much better so I opted NO on the Finacea, which is for those who h
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