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  1. image courtesy of Cognitune "Turmeric can even help prevent acne, cancer, allergies, diabetes, joint pain, and depression." 10 Health Benefits and Uses for Turmeric Curcumin Supplements, Lyfe Botanticals
  2. RedMage, This paper is not a double blind, placebo controlled study on rosacea and diet. As it explains, it was "collected by standardized questionnaires." So the results are based upon anecdotal reports, and none of these 'patients with rosacea' were in a clinical laboratory with controls on what they ate and drank. They simply answered questions on a form. How can anyone be sure that the patients answered correctly or omitted pertinent data? While the data collected may be helpful, since there are rarely any papers on diet and rosacea, at least they have made an attempt at the task which is monumental, and the paper is interesting, to say the least. So when the report says "high-frequency dairy product intake showed negative correlations with ETR and papulopustular rosacea" does it differentiate between ice cream with heavy amounts of sugar or just plain heavy cream without sugar? There is a big difference. If you took one hundred rosaceans and had them just eat heavy cream for a week and see the results with another group that just ate ice cream for a week you might notice differences. Or compare one hundred rosaceans eating just cheese for a week with a group of a hundred rosaceans who just eat milk shakes. As for the fatty food and tea, again, there really aren't any controls, and the data could be biased since it is anecdotal. Possibly the one good item about this report is that it may stimulate more papers on diet and rosacea. Most rosaceans have a gut feeling about their rosacea, while other rosaceans report that diet has no effect on their rosacea. A real clinical study on rosacea and diet hasn't been done yet. Wouldn't it be something if a non profit organization for rosacea patient advocacy could get 10,000 rosacea sufferers together into one group and conduct their own research (say each one donated $1) on diet and rosacea.
  3. “The skin microbiome is really remarkable,” says Oh. “It is constantly being repopulated and yet, across different body sites, we see that healthy individuals’ skin microbiomes are quite stable in composition. That’s surprising considering how exposed the skin is — to the environment and to other people.” HIDDEN IN THE SKIN, By Nicole Davis, Ph.D., The Jackson Laboratory WHEN GOOD BACTERIA GO BAD… OUR BODIES CAN TURN AGAINST US. The microbiome is a new frontier in human health. JAX research is revealing the powers of our own microbes to fundamentally change our understanding of diseases of all kinds. Do You Have A Gut Feeling About Your Rosacea?
  4. Trigger, tripwire, flareup and flush. These are probably the four most common terms used when discussing rosacea. Because of poor communication and rosaceans not understanding what there terms actually mean much confusion results, adding to the already confusing dilemma of rosacea understanding. So to set the record: Flare up according to the NRS is "a more intense outbreak of redness, bumps or pimples.." Tripwire or Trigger is the same thing according to the NRS who uses these words interchangeably and states that both terms mean, "factors that may cause a rosacea sufferer to experience a flare-up—a more intense outbreak of redness, bumps or pimples. [1]A medical dictionary source defines flush as: flush 1. transient, episodic redness of the face and neck caused by certain diseases, ingestion of certain drugs or other substances, heat, emotional factors, or physical exertion. See also erythema. [2]A blush is a flush usually caused by psychological factors. A flush can be caused by a any number of factors as noted above including psychological factors. The reason this is brought up is that while most rosaceans confuse flushing with a flare up there are rosaceans who report having a flare up of rosacea and DO NOT FLUSH. These ones are admittedly fewer in number, and flushing is usually associated with a flare up, but nevertheless demonstrates that flushing is not necessarily a rosacea flare up. One could flush or blush and the skin returns to normal in a rosacea sufferer. Flushing does not NECESSARILY mean a rosacea flare up and it only means that it MAY produce a rosacea flare up. Those who think flushing is rosacea is like thinking pimples mean you have rosacea (or for that matter, believing that erythema is rosacea). There is more to a diagnosis of rosacea than simply having pimples and erythema (see Diagnosis). For example, one could have erythema and have Atopic Dermatitis, not rosacea. Flushing is one of the signs or symptoms usually associated with rosacea, but not necessarily required. Pimples are associated with rosacea but not necessarily required, i.e., Phenotype 2. Rosacea is always associated with redness or erythema. Hopefully, if rosaceans understand these terms, trigger, tripwire, flareup and flush better, we will all be on the same page when we discuss rosacea. End Notes[1] Coping With Rosacea, National Rosacea Society, page 1[2] Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary
  5. At CES 2019, there is a new light device mentioned by Gizmodo , the Opté’s beauty wand and all you do is watch this video below to see how it works: If anyone purchases one of these wands, please post your results in this thread. Becky gives a review of the wand here.
  6. "Photodynamic therapy is mainly used in dermatology to treat skin tumors, precancerous lesions, and condyloma acuminatum. Due to its excellent tissue selectivity, easy operation and good cosmetic effect, it has been gradually applied to the treatment of various non-neoplastic skin diseases, such as verruca acuminata, acne, rosacea, chronic skin ulcer, fungal diseases, keloid, and so on." Zhong Nan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2018 Dec 28;43(12):1380-1383. doi: 10.11817/j.issn.1672-7347.2018.12.016. Advancement in phodynamic therapy for non-neoplastic skin diseases. [Article in Chinese; Abstract available in Chinese from the publisher] Zhan Y, Xiao R, Zhang Z.
  7. As you can see, Stephan_J wrote the OP November 27, 2017 and never replied to my question. You can purchase Arquebuse Water from skinsentials, a company in Australia and it is pricey. If you purchase and try it, please post your results in this thread. Wish Amazon would sell it. I haven't tried Amazon Australia.
  8. Acyclovir, an antiviral medication, has been used to treat rosacea and the results according to one paper is "a patient with rosacea who was completely symptom free during two courses of treatment with acyclovir, which was prescribed for the patient’s herpes..." [1]. Acyclovir has been used to treat Pityriasis rosea, a type of skin rash, reported in one paper that may be effective. [2] Nellukas, at RF reports taking two 200 mg tablets twice daily after meals and states, "To my surprise, rosacea started to recede a few days after I started the regimen!!" In post no 16 on 2/4/19 he reports, "Overall, general redness is down 95%, hardened skin is down 98% and papulous pustules down by 100%." End Notes [1] American Journal of Clinical Dermatology December 2017, Volume 18, Issue 6, pp 845–846 • Full Text Improvement of Rosacea During Acyclovir Treatment: A Case Report Zohreh Sadat Badieyan, Sayed Shahabuddin Hosein [2] J Am Acad Dermatol. 2006 Jan;54(1):82-5. Use of high-dose acyclovir in pityriasis rosea. Drago F, Vecchio F, Rebora A.
  9. Lucy at RF reports taking these three oral non prescriptions that she says helps: Viralex BePure (NZ brand) Omega 3 BePure Probiotic Fish Oil plus vitamins
  10. RedMage, Welcome to the RRDi forum. You have a detailed history and it appears you are coming closer to regulating your flushing better. We posted about Colin Dahl's paper here in November 2017. I have collected together a list of treatments used for flushing avoidance, if you haven't read this page already. There a number of other posts in the following: Forum Home > Forums > Public Forum > Rosacea Topics > Trigger Avoidance > Blushing & Flushing Triggers There is a thread at RF with a similar theme, Warm room flush theory revisited. If you would permit me, I think your post should be in the above category rather than in Rosacea in Remission since you seem to still have rosacea not completely in remission. Let me know if that is ok with you.
  11. Admin


    There is a clinical trial going on using PAC-14028 Cream for Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) being done by Amorepacific Corporation. Initial results seem promising [1]. End Notes [1] British Journal of Dermatology Efficacy and safety of PAC‐14028 cream – a novel, topical, nonsteroidal, selective TRPV1 antagonist in patients with mild‐to‐moderate atopic dermatitis: a phase IIb randomized trial Y.W. Lee C.‐H. Won K. Jung H.‐J. Nam G. Choi Y.‐H. Park M. Park B. Kim
  12. red devil at RF [Post no 55] found another treatment using TXA, DERMO PHARMA DNA CREAM TRANEXAMIC ACID + COLLAGEN, by Dermapharma (Switzerland), which we await the results.
  13. Lasers Surg Med. 2018 Oct 12. doi: 10.1002/lsm.23023. [Full Text with pictures] The toxic edge-A novel treatment for refractory erythema and flushing of rosacea. Friedman O, Koren A, Niv R, Mehrabi JN, Artzi O. Abstract PURPOSE: Rosacea is a common, chronic facial skin disease that affects the quality of life. Treatment of facial erythema with intradermal botulinum toxin injection has previously been reported. The primary objective of the study was the safety and efficacy of thermal decomposition of the stratum corneum using a novel non-laser thermomechanical system (Tixel, Novoxel, Israel) to increase skin permeability for Botulinum toxin in the treatment of facial flushing of rosacea. METHODS: A retrospective review of16 patients aged 23-45 years with Fitzpatrick Skin Types II to IV and facial erythematotelangiectatic rosacea treated by Tixel followed by topical application of 100 U of abobotulinumtoxin. A standardized high-definition digital camera photographed the patients at baseline and 1, 3, and 6 months after the last treatment. Objective and subjective assessments of the patients were done via Mexameter, the Clinicians Erythema Assessment (CEA), and Patients self-assessment (PSA) scores and the dermatology life quality index (DLQI) validated instrument. RESULTS: The average Maxameter, CEA, and PSA scores at 1, 3, and 6 months were significantly improved compared with baseline (all had a P-value <0.001). DLQI scores significantly improved with an average score of 18.6 at baseline at 6 months after treatment (P < 0.001). Self-rated patient satisfaction was high. There were no motor function side-effects or drooping. CONCLUSION: Thermal breakage of the stratum corneum using the device to increase skin permeability for botulinum toxin type A in the treatment of facial flushing of rosacea seems both effective and safe. Lasers Surg. Med. © 2018 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
  14. Discovered Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada website which says on its 'about us' page: "The Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada, a national, not for profit organization led by Canadian dermatologists, offers hope and help to sufferers by providing independent, reputable and current information on these conditions and raising awareness." On its Corporate Sponsor page it shows Galderma as a Silver Level sponsor, Bayer Cipher Pharmaceuticals as a Bronze level, and Altius Healthcare as a Friend level. We will be monitoring and reviewing this Canadian non profit and investigate what it spends its funds on and report in this thread. There is no financial information on the ARSC website so apparently in Canada a non profit organization is not required to publish how it spends it donations like they do in the USA. I emailed and requested financial information and got no reply. Maybe some Canadian rosaceans can investigate into this and see how the ARSC spends its donations?
  15. The RRDi has established a LinkedIn company page.
  16. Apparently the club feature allows you to setup your own 'club' (or blog) and totally control it yourself. You can make your club closed or totally private. You can have your own moderators and leaders. Here are the instructions. You have to be a member of the RRDi to do this but you can make it totally public and allow anyone to comment a reply, so that means anyone could put whatever they want, which may mean I will change this later to RRDi members only can comment. So this is the Brady Barrows Club. Try posting something to my club. So let's see what happens.
  17. Gallo et al whose research published in Nature Medicine in 2007 that suggested "an explanation for the pathogenesis of rosacea by demonstrating that an exacerbated innate immune response can reproduce elements of this disease" involving cathelicidin (particularly Peptide LL-37), Vitamin D3, and Alarmins has applied for a patent (United States Patent Application 20160030386), PREVENTION OF ROSACEA INFLAMMATION. [1] The patent is a long read and not for the timid or shy to read through. The nutshell version is a patent for treating rosacea inflammation with mast cell stabilizers, (ie., lodoxamide, nedocromil, cromolyn, pemirolast, pharmaceutical salts), as well as, neuropetide antagonists, a serine protease inhibitor, a vitamin D3 antagonist, including combinations of these treatments. End Notes [1] Images and tables/graphs with results http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20160030386.pdf
  18. Of course, not all skin care trends are bad news, said Dhaval Bhanusali, a dermatologist in New York. "I don't think people should ignore trends, but they should always proceed with caution," he told INSIDER. "Just because something worked for one person, doesn't mean it will work for another. You have to be careful." 10 popular skin-care trends dermatologists say you should avoid Maddy Sims, Business Insider
  19. There is a new cheap treatment using tranexamic acid solution (Transamin inj/sol 500 mg/5 mL) infused wet dressing for erythematotelangiectatic rosacea. The results of an unblinded study of 20 patients resulted with "All patients were improved in the end of the therapy....The improvement lasted more than four months." [1] Another clinical paper on TXA says, "Finally, TXA repressed the angiogenesis by reducing the number of CD31+ cell and downregulating the expression levels of VEGF in rosacea. In conclusion, our finding defines a treatment mechanism by which TXA ameliorates rosacea symptoms by regulating the immune response and angiogenesis." [2] Microneedling with tranexamic acid solution was an effective treatment for women with erythematotelangiectatic rosacea, according to late-breaking research presented at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting. [3] "Topical tranexamic acid could improve the epidermal permeability barrier function and clinical signs of rosacea, likely resulting from inhibition of PAR-2 activation and consequent calcium influx. Thus, tranexamic acid could serve as an adjuvant therapy for rosacea." [4] "Taken together, we report that TA solution soaking is an easy, safe and non-costly approach to improve skin rosacea rapidly, although further randomized controlled trials should be conducted." [5] "Also, recent studies demonstrated that tranexamic acid inhibits epidermal PAR-2 expression which is elevated in rosacea patients (Zhong et al., 2015). Taken together, these results suggest that combination treatment of minocycline, propranolol, and tranexamic acid may be a possible strategy for treatment of rosacea, especially that involving severe flushing, refractory erythema, and sen- sitive skin." [6] We have started a list of TXA over the counter products available through our Amazon Affiliate program if you scroll down to the second comment in this post. A thread at RF discusses this subject. Any new information will be posted in this thread. If you have something to add please reply to this thread. In this thread, jrlhamcat2 [post no 47] reports, "I've soaked one side of my face about 6 times over around 10 days now. My skin has been getting less red and the flushing has been less frequent and less intense, but on both sides of my face, not just the one I've been treating" and [post no 60] reports later, "so far it seems like this is a good treatment for reducing subtype one symptoms." DERMO PHARMA DNA CREAM TRANEXAMIC ACID + COLLAGEN, by Dermapharma (Switzerland) [7] End Notes [1] J Cosmet Dermatol. 2018 Aug 11;: The new therapeutic choice of tranexamic acid solution in treatment of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea. Bageorgou F, Vasalou V, Tzanetakou V, Kontochristopoulos G [2] Int Immunopharmacol. 2018 Dec 19;67:326-334 Tranexamic acid ameliorates rosacea symptoms through regulating immune response and angiogenesis. Li Y, Xie H, Deng Z, Wang B, Tang Y, Zhao Z, Yuan X, Zuo Z, Xu S, Zhang Y, Li J [3] Microneedling with tranexamic acid solution By Admin, March 8, 2017 in Rosacea in the News, RRDi Forum [4] DERMATOLOGICA SINICA 33 (2015) 112e117 Topical tranexamic acid improves the permeability barrier in rosacea Shaomin Zhong, Nan Sun, Huixian Liu, Yueqing Niu, Can Chen, Yan Wu [5] Letters to the Editor, 40 (1), Pages 70-71, (2012) The Journal of Dermatology, Japanese Dermatological Association Tranexamic acid solution soaking is an excellent approach for rosacea patients: A preliminary observation in six patients Myoung Shin KIM, Sung Eun CHANG, Sik HAW, Hana BAK, Youn Jin KIM, Mi Woo LEE [6] Dermatologic Therapy, 30(3), e12439. doi:10.1111/dth.12439. August 2016 Combination treatment of propranolol, minocycline, and tranexamic acid for effective control of rosacea Kwon, H. J., Suh, J. H., Ko, E. J., & Kim, B. J. [7] See fourth post in this thread
  20. Wouldn't be surprised that the one of the 'online forums' was RF since this has been discussed frequently as an alternative to Soolantra.
  21. What an oddity, since the study concluded, "In summary, based on a large, well-established cohort, we provide evidence in US women that past smoking is associated with an increased risk of rosacea, while current smoking is associated with a decreased risk of rosacea."
  22. "A paste made from TXA tablets offers similar hemostatic benefits of topical IV TXA administration and provides another option for drug delivery. Pastes may be easier to apply to, and/or remain on, certain anatomic locations." Trick of the Trade: Topical Tranexamic Acid Paste for Hemostasis, ALiEM For more info about using TXA read this post. jrlhamcat2 writes about the TXA paste mentioned above, "They're crushing pills to make a paste to stop bleeding in emergency situations. That's a much stronger concentration that has been used topically for rosacea and seems potentially risky. A 3% or 5% solution will be a clear liquid."
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