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  1. Watch the videos on RRDi Tee Shirts
  2. First, watch the two videos on our Tee Shirt page, and then add your recommendation for a slogan in this guest thread. Find the Reply to Topic button and post.
  3. Watch the video Does Rosacea Progress in Stages?
  4. Watch the video Benefit and Risk Ratio in Rosacea Treatment
  5. RRDi Official Famous Rosaceans List
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    Final Appeal

    Watch this video to understand the final appeal. After you have seen this video, find the REPLY TO THIS TOPIC button or the QUOTE button (depending on your device, just keep scrolling till you find either button) to add your comment or question.
  7. Watch this video and learn why:
  8. My current regimen is adding three ounces of Tea Tree Oil to a ten ounce bottle of baby shampoo. So the ratio of seven ounces of baby shampoo to three ounces of Tea Tree Oil works for me. I use this on my hair/face/body as a cleanser. I scrub my hair with a scrubber and rinse and then apply a second amount of this combination into my hair again because I have been suffering from folliculitis letting it set for a few minutes. I then rinse again.
  9. From the album: Rosacea Images

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    Rosacea Images

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    From the album: Brady Barrows

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    From the album: Brady Barrows

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    Brady Barrows

    My album
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    From the album: Brady Barrows

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  16. Are you are landing on error message pages like this? You are a guest and do not have permission to to view the rosacea content you are searching for. Guests only can view about 25% of our rosacea data found on our massive website. The simple solution is to join the RRDi. Membership is free. Easy peasy to join. If you need videos to explain how to register or post click here. Member Information.
  17. "Finding and describing the cutaneous adverse reactions of the available COVID-19 vaccines has proved to be a challenging and difficult task. Injection site reactions presenting on the skin are among the most frequent adverse events, most of them mild or moderate, usually self-limited and without serious consequences. Delayed inflammatory reactions are less frequent but mysterious with no clear vision on the potential mechanisms leading to their appearance. Serious adverse events like VIPIT and anaphylaxis are of course the most important part of every safety and efficacy trial and the main topic of this article. Most of them are systemic adverse reactions with frequent cutaneous symptoms which may be the first manifestation and the key for the diagnosis leading to a timely and potentially life-saving treatment. Further vigilance for severe adverse reactions is mandatory after the beginning of the worldwide spread of the vaccines. The cutaneous findings are a very important part of this vigilance since they might be the first symptoms to detect. Their importance is frequently underestimated, and sometimes they are unreported in the clinical trials or considered irrelevant." Clin Dermatol. 2021 Apr 27 Cutaneous adverse effects of the available COVID-19 vaccines Georgi Bogdano, MD, Ivan Bogdano, MD, Jana Kazandjieva, MD, and Nikolai Tsankov, MD, PhD
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