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    If you ever wanted to start your own rosacea blog, we have the tools for you to do this. Then you can refer to your blog when posting elsewhere. It is free for members. And you can set your blog to PRIVATE so that only members you invite can view your blog. While my blog is public, so that you can see how a blog works, when setting up your own rosacea blog you simply set it to PRIVATE and only invite who you want to view your blog. 

    The RRDi understands you may want your own private blog and we sponsor your having one for free! These are the steps. 
    Need help?
    For More information on how to use blogs use the Invision Community help center: 
    Types of Blogs • Introduction to Blogs
    Scroll below to read my first comment in my blog. You can reply to my comment if you register an account with just an email address. Then scroll to bottom and find the reply button or find the 'quote' button at the bottom of any post to post your comment. 
    You can have your own rosacea blog, totally free, compliments of the RRDi. Why not?  Your own rosacea blog. 
    Scroll below for comments on my blog. 
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