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  1. Volunteering is what has driven the spirit of this non profit organization from the start. What about you? We could use volunteers. Click here for more info where we could use your help. 

    Volunteer to POST
    As easy way to volunteer is simply post in the forum your questions, comments, and concerns about rosacea or your personal experience with rosacea. Start your own rosacea blog. That would be appreciated.

    Some Good Posts Changed to Articles
    If your post qualifies, your post could be upgraded to an article.

    Proof Readers
    If you are anal about spelling and grammar mistakes on our website, we need proof readers.

    We could use moderators, so if you have the time, read the rules of the forum and then use our contact form explaining your willingness to help keep this forum safe for the professionals as well as all the members. Abuse of the RRDi rules, Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws, and the Conflict of Interest Policy will not be tolerated and we need volunteer moderators who are willing to enforce the rules by moderating the forum and banning any abusers. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer as a moderator in the forum.

    Moderators at the RRDi Social Media Accounts
    Watch this video. Since all the rosaceans have gone over to rosacea social media platforms and rarely post here at the RRDi website, we could use moderators and volunteers to post at the RRDi social media accounts we have setup. In the next paragraph follow the directions if you are comfortable posting at social media platforms like Facebook or Reddit. 

    Grant Writers
    We can use volunteer grant writers. Learn more

    Come up with your own volunteer job
    If you are creative, use our contact form explaining what you would like to volunteer to do.

    Step One to Volunteer
    Join the RRDi 

    Step Two to Volunteer
    In the NOTES field when registering your account with the RRDi mention what you want to volunteer to do for the RRDi. 

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    There is a reply to this topic button somewhere on the device you are reading this post.

  2. Adrian gave me the link to the application form and I filled it out. Here is Google's response:

    From: googlegrants@google.com

    Subject: Thanks for applying to Google Grants

    Date: July 26, 2006 2:30:38 PM HST

    To: director@irosacea.org

    Thank you for your interest in the Google Grants program, and

    for submitting your application.

    Our grants committee reviews applications and selects award

    recipients every quarter. Within six months of your submission,

    we will notify you by email about the status of your application.

    Because of the high level of interest in our program, we're not

    able to respond to requests for information about the status of

    individual applications. We appreciate your patience in the


    Thank you again.


    The Google Grants Team

  3. "joannew" said:
    Just a technical question:

    Why are individuals considered corporate members?  

    I'm no corporation...

    When setting up the non profit corporation in Hawaii, there is a choice to either allow corporation members or not, and I elected to allow corporate members so that individual rosaceans may help direct the RRDi. Corporate members of the RRDi elect the board of directors which is the only legally established 501 c  (3) non profit organization for rosacea research that allows this. Other non profit organizations are closed board of directors that do not allow anyone to have any choice who the board of directors are who decide how the money is spent for the organization.

    In order to be a legal corporate member of the RRDi you are required to identify yourself with your name and mailing address so that the RRDi can contact you. Your name and address is held in confidence by the RRDi and will never be disclosed to anyone without your permission. So tecnically, you are a member of the RRDi which is a non profit corporation established in the State of Hawaii.

  4. Hi everyone.    

    Will the MAC members be participating within this forum at all?  Since this forum will be completely professional I don't see that as a problem.

    Anyways .. glad to be here.



    Yes. There is a Ask the MAC... forum for this purpose. All the physicians and the PhD are very busy professionals but have agreed to answer some questions about rosacea research and what the corporate members want the RRDi to spend any funds on rosacea research. That is the whole concept of this corporation. Rosaceans are invited to have a say into what research should be done. The MAC can answer questions about what is practical or best since they all have experience in the field of research. We may not get these professionals to post hours and hours of posts, but they have agreed to spend a little time with the RRDi private forum. The Ask the MAC... forum is the place to post your questions. In time, we hope to hear from each member of the MAC.

    Before anyone asks the MAC it would be a good idea to discuss in the ROSACEA RESEARCH forum with other corporate members what rosacea research the corporate members want. We can use the poll feature to vote on different suggestions. Then, once a concensus is reached we can move over to the ASK THE MAC forum with the results. We can take all the time we want discussing this subject in the ROSACEA RESEARCH forum and not waste the time of the MAC members until we have reached a concensus.

    The MAC may enlighten us on what we want isn't really practical or some other information that we didn't know. The MAC will at least listen to us.

    The charter says the MAC advises the Board of Directors on what rosacea research the RRDi should engage in. The Board of Directors makes the final decision. The corporate members have a vote on who serves on the Board of Directors. There is no other non profit organization for rosacea research that allows rosaceans a say into what research rosaceans may want. And all this has been done with volunteers.

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