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  1. Apurva Tathe

    Final Appeal

    first you stop consuming alcohol completely and see the result after one month. I am not saying that alcohol is causing your rosacea getting worsen but Sometimes it happens that any trigger which causes flare-ups, if we consume them only once would immediately cause flare-ups. This is only to see whether alcohol is your trigger or not and please share your results.
  2. Only little group study with 14 candidates will not suffice the result of alcohol consumption not as a risk factor in rosacea and we over and over say that every rosacea person has different triggers associated with them and depends on the the degree of alcohol consumption just like any other intake triggers.
  3. Yes it is a growing concern because it could be possible that no antibiotic will be left to cure the diseases in future because bacteria could develop resistance to every antibiotic since we are using antibiotics without any concern and knowledge and antibiotic stewardship programs make aware people and physicians of antibiotic prescription and use. I have covered these topics earlier here and here.
  4. Yes it is likely possible that following mohs surgery, rosacea can exacerbate in patient because in mohs surgery, the cancer skin is excised and removed and the normal skin tissue is not disturbed but following skin excision and removal, the normal skin environment is disturbed and so it can cause rosacea exacerbation.
  5. Yes because anything which comes into contact with skin, skin has resident immune cells and they are primarily come into rescue just like army men and mast cells are one of them. They play a key role as army men. So it would be a better immunotherapy if we target mast cells.
  6. and anything which you are consuming a lot may cause trigger. Drink but one or two times a day and see if it changes anything because you need to watch what triggers you or what not.
  7. Yes actually I went through her article on these proteins and food triggers when I read the heading I thought these natural food items are good when consumed but when I read through it I found that these compounds are found in a very trace amount naturally in these foods and do not cause any problem as such but when these chemical compounds are used as preservatives in food and personal care products, then it is of concern. Obviously we all know that preservatives are very bad for our overall health because it keeps our food fresh for a longer period of time and we can understand that what keeps our stuff fresh whether food or skin products for a longer period of time, would badly affect in a long run and when you are already immune sensitive. Eat natural as possible as you can which directly comes from nature (whether fruits or vegetables) and don't go overboard with anything. Eat less Packaged foods or remove it from your lifestyle. Understand your body and its functions. See, we take a lot of myths but what suits you, may not suit the other person when it comes to rosacea and it is all about trial and error and you need to find out what suits you best.
  8. Correct point. Rather you can decrease the consumption of tea and coffee. I myself drink tea regularly and sometimes coffee instead of tea but I never get any flushing. Drinking only one cup of tea or coffee in a whole day is OK but if you drink more than one cup will definitely cause flushing and not good for health.
  9. Wow this is incredible and I must praise you for this and I wish people now will watch this and understand the time and effort to make this organization.
  10. Great job Brady. This is the best trailer video for rosacea.
  11. Yes neurovascular regulation is directly related to rosacea. when we itch aberrantly in this condition, that is the reason that our neurovascular regulation is disturbed and causing aggressive itch to occur and we need to find out what causing this communication between neuropeptides and immune cells in chronic inflammation?
  12. I have used dried Calendula flowers infused with coconut oil and applied this concoction for few months and it has amazing effects on erythema and soothes your irritating skin.
  13. Hello Rosaceans, if you can donate some money to our non-profit organization it would propel us to post more matter on this topic. I know that many rosaceans view our site, read each and every material, gain knowledge from this site which you will never find anywhere on other rosacea website but you never appreciate us giving some donation money. We keep asking members for some donation but I think its all throwing stone in water and admin has already declared that if we don't get money he will close the organization and then where will you read such good material from? think on this.
  14. Please everyone who is a part of this group and has been with this organization for a long time, you can understand that we can only provide you the information about rosacea if this organization runs. So please understand if you know the work of this organization and want to get more new information. Please help with donation.
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    Brady's Blog

    Yes I can see some red spots on your forehead
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