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  1. Rosaceans always try to use products which can protect their skin from sun rays and try to find the specific products of their needs. It has been said that sunblock is best for rosaceans with sensitive skin than sunscreen because sunblock has mineral composition which is less irritant to skin and protects the skin from UVB rays providing physical barrier so I also started using zinc oxide cream and after a while my skin started becoming very dry, flaky and rough and I could not understand what was causing my skin to get dry and rough and then I found that zinc oxide was the cause of extreme dryness and flaky skin. I know many of you will have suffered from this thing even thinking of doing nothing wrong. So, I have come up with few things : Zinc oxide is an astringent, means it tends to constrict soft organic tissues and so stops secretions like sebum and sweat.So when you apply sunblock cream directly onto your skin since it has thick creamy consistency so we tend to apply it directly onto our skin and it constricts the tissues and stops absorption and secretion because it sits on the top layer of our skin. So what you can do to prevent your skin from excess drying is apply a good amount of moisturizer which suits your skin best and wait for few minutes let it absorb properly and then apply sunblock cream and avoid using frequently when you do not go out and after applying one time you do not need to reapply it. So avoid using frequently and with this practice within one week the excess dryness is less.
  2. Hey Admin, It's completely nothing like that. Whenever I have anything to share and post, I always do. Today I found your post on fasting and I shared my experience with this post and was browsing something and I found NRS designated this month as rosacea month. SO I just shared that news in this forum and after posting that I found this post. I do not know about the donation and support to any organization, I only love to share and spread my knowledge.
  3. Hello all my friends who have been experiencing and dealing with rosacea, National Rosacea society(NRS) has assigned April month as rosacea awareness month to help educate public and spread awareness on the impact of this chronic condition and to seek medical help with acceptance and understanding. Now, What they have asked us to do to participate and get involved in this awareness month to spread this knowledge to everyone who is new to this condition. You can find this on the following link : https://www.rosacea.org/patients/rosacea-awareness-month
  4. Thank you admin for this post. Yes, This is true to some extent that fasting improves skin condition. In Indian culture, fasting is a religious thing that we devote to god and there are different types of fasting which we perform. Whole fasting in which you can have only water no food items and intermittent fasting in which you can have only one time meal and one more fasting in which you can have only fast related food items like fruits or veggies all day. I have done all the different fasting techniques and I am always doing this and I have found a lot of times that when I fast my visible blood capillaries get constricted and my skin quality looks improved and the puffiness due to rosacea is reduced to some extent. Calories restriction and flushing out of toxins due to having only water in fasting are few things which we can count on but at the cellular and molecular level what happens inside the cell when we fast which contributes to the improvement of skin condition needs to be researched.
  5. Why does rosacea flare in autumn? And the reason is: Autumn brings with it cool temperature and dryness in the air and what about rosacea? Yes you are right I have found that rosacea flare makes its way through autumn and gets worsen in winters. Throughout the year I do not get much flare-ups than I get with the onset of autumn and the reason is cool and dry air and the body’s temperature regulation or thermoregulation. After the humid season the climate changes and the temperature suddenly drops down with cool and dry air which draws the moisture from your skin and makes it dry and itchy causing rosacea flare-ups plus dust, mold and pollen in the air increase during fall that cause allergy and then the body sends signal to release white blood cells to the skin and trigger flare-ups. So here is what you can do to prevent rosacea flare-ups besides medications : 1. Drink lots of water to keep your body cool as you drink during summer because we tend to reduce water intake during autumn and winter and this makes our skin dry and itchy. 2. Give your skin a boost of good moisturizer that is fragrant free and chemical free on damp skin. I sometimes simply apply coconut oil to the affected area and it gives so much relief. 3. Avoid direct sun and cover your face when you go out and always apply a good sunscreen which suits your skin best with an SPF of 15 or higher and it should be mineral based not chemical based because mineral based sunscreen gives less irritation and protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. 4. Alcohol and hot drinks are associated with redness and flushing and our consumption increases when the weather becomes cool and that is one of the reasons of flaring. Avoid consuming alcohol and hot drinks too often and let it cool down before you drink. 5. Maintain the temperature of room heater because as you go in and out your body senses the temperature difference and so does your skin and makes it dry and flushed. 6. I have noticed that the use of normal woolen wear makes skin dry and flushed more often so I instead wear flannel clothes for body warming and it does not give frequent flares.
  6. Dear Admin, Thank you for the information of posting article. I did not know about that. Next time I will copy and paste my article in the given space.
  7. article.docx Administrator Note: Read the next post that explains the above.
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