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  1. Thank you so much Dr. Tara for this wonderful sharing.
  2. How intermittent fasting is a part of satvik diet and how it impacts the body homeostasis and kill the old cells and regenerate new cells. In Ayurveda it is stated to eat your last meal in the evening time and then give your internal system a full rest of long hours to keep your body healthy. When you do not consume anything after your evening meal and give your body intermittent fasting of more than 12 - 14 hours, your body automatically releases growth hormone and keeps your insulin in check and your body goes into fight or flight mode to function in a better manner and fighting diseases inc
  3. Thank you so much Dr. Tara for this podcast share.
  4. Hello everyone, I know there are many new novice volunteers who want to help for the grant writing to get grants from pharmaceutical and other companies so that we can also research on the different aspects of rosacea through our medical advisory committee and run our organization. As you all know this is a non-profit organization and grant writing is what this non-profit organization does. So every new volunteer asks what should we do and how to start this? So I am writing this post to let you know how to do go through the grant writing process : 1. Select any pharmaceutical company or c
  5. As I have introduced Satvik Diets and this diet contains seeds. So first I will introduce flaxseed and the reason is, I eat flaxseed and I will tell you the benefits of flaxseed for your skin. I already have been using natural flaxseed gel for my curly hair but had never known the benefits of flaxseed for the skin especially the rosacea skin. I have been eating flaxseed for about more than two years when I found that it has anti-inflammatory properties. So I thought why not have it for my skin besides hair. What is Flaxseed ? Flax commonly known as linseed is a food and fiber
  6. As I had previously announced that I will come up with satvik diet and how the role satvik diet plays in our daily life to not only bring about body homeostasis, health improvement but balance our inflammation anywhere in our body and I am targeting here rosacea inflammation. What is Satvik Diet? Satvik diet is a diet which follows the rule of Ayurveda and yogic literature that contains the essence of Sattva in sanskrit (pure energy). Satvik diet is high in fiber, micronutrients and low fat vegetarian diet. (1) There are other dietary foods regimen that we will take into conside
  7. Hello all the rosaceans out there, I know we have a big community of rosaceans now who are connected to by our organization and I am planning to introduce something new which is called SATVIK DIETS and I am sure this would help you to cure your rosacea, if you follow this satvik change in your diet because it has changed my life too managing my rosacea. Please join me in this movement. Thank you
  8. As I have previously discussed on the antibiotic uses , resistance and their community transmission and how that drug resistance is transferred in bacterial evolution over the years. Now we all know that resistance can be transferred in the same bacterial species but we know that there is a whole microbial flora on our skin not just one bacterial species, so how one bacterial species transfer this resistance to other bacterial species. So it is through horizontal gene transfer(simply uptake of free DNA or through phage transfer or conjugation). Conjugation simply means mating pair one is donor
  9. Do you know that if you take wrong doses and time duration of antibiotics, you make your skin bacteria resistant and not only they become resistant but spread to other parts of the body and can cause inflammatory bowel disease and in fact you transmit these resistant bacteria to other person and this resistance comes in a population pool of bacteria and wherever the person travels they carry the resistant bacteria with them.
  10. Apurva Tathe

    Brady's Blog

    Yes I can see some red spots on your forehead
  11. Yes it would be a good idea to get the recommendation of another dermatologist and please share what did she recommend and prescribe you. I always have this thing in winter season when the weather is chilled and automatically goes when the temperature goes normal and the rest of the year though I get rosacea flare ups but this seborrhea does not bother me. I think everyone has their own story to say with these things. If anyone has noticed this yeast overgrowth with their rosacea which causes flakiness and extremely disturbed skin barrier like rough sandy surface. please share your story.
  12. Yes sensitive skin can't be defined by any other skin disorders in particular but other skin disorders like rosacea, atopic dermatitis have the properties of sensitive skin.
  13. It is an excellent idea to research on medicinal herb. I myself has initiated this work and researched on one such medicinal plant on myself for few months and then posted my article on this work. If everyone donates some money to research on not just one person but cohort studies then it would be a great step because no one has done medicinal herb studies on rosacea before so it would be a big step. please help grow our organization with your one step.
  14. Hello Everyone, This post is not to compel you for donation but as you can see from the above post from Admin that we are working from the ground and helping everyone to understand this disease rosacea and its associated co-morbidities and it is all free and open to read and we want to give you more things and more insights on that, which still needs to be explored and we want your help in this. If everyone will accept this RRDi as their own and contribute to this organization a little donation for further research, it would be appreciable. Thank you
  15. As I have already discussed in my previous post about antibiotic concern read here and why I am taking this theme and educating everyone because it's not about one person being affected but it's all about community and global issue. Antibiotic resistance has been increasing in recent years and it all comes down to one thing that how we use antibiotics in animal husbandry, agriculture and in infectious diseases and now the time has come when we have very limited numbers of antibiotics being used when the deadly outbreak comes. So we have to secure the antibiotics for future use and how we are m
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