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  1. There are so many alcohols in Soolantra's inactive ingredients which cause dryness and flakiness of skin which in turn cause itching and irritation and redness. Parabens and propylene glycol are also there which tend to penetrate the skin to help allow other ingredients to enter and this may be the reason your skin reacted and couldn't handle because everyone's skin reacts differently to chemicals.
  2. Yes admin I had learned about the difference when I got rosacea sometimes It was sudden intense redness and bump and sometimes it was episodic redness so I researched about it because it happens with me with the onset of autumn. When the autumn starts I get sudden intense flare with redness and bumps and then the redness and bumps last longer and take time to go and during full autumn and winter after that flare-up, I get short episodic flushing very frequently which looks like it is blushing. but it is all unexpected and unanticipated about its timing.
  3. Yes, I had also mentioned this in my previous post quoting someone's question about tobacco and cigar causing him rosacea and I had said that you have to figure it out which food or item is triggering your rosacea and I had given my example of leaving non-veg (pointing out meat) which was causing me flare-ups and then recently I read about red meat causes skin inflammation. So the point is if any food items or drinks or smoke are triggering your rosacea and are not listed anywhere but you have to keep an eye on your diet because everyone's body reacts differently to what they eat.
  4. Yes, This is exactly what I was trying to explain but the first time I explained was very short and to the point and I realized it was hard to understand and then I explained one by one according to the questions you asked. No, you got it right. Thank you
  5. A paper in 2017 continues to explain the quandary. "Many studies have shown higher density of the parasites in diseased inflammatory skin than in normal skin, but whether it is the cause or result of the inflammation remains unclear." [6] A paper in 2018 may help to resolve this issue because for the first time it has been discovered that Demodex mites secrete bioactive molecules that reduced TLR2 expression in sebocytes. [7] So while the jury is still out on this subject, What do you think? Which comes first, the demodex or the rosacea? Does it even matter? With your above statement I highlighted and giving my view on this topic which comes first, I am also stating the same thing that I think demodex came first well it is not experiment or evidence based but with the experience I have had. Human Permanent Ectoparasites; Recent Advances on Biology and Clinical Significance of Demodex Mites: Narrative Review Article With this journal which you quoted in your article , "Many studies have shown higher density of the parasites in diseased inflammatory skin than in normal skin, but whether it is the cause or result of the inflammation remains unclear." So I was elaborating this sentence that higher density might be the result of inflammation (inflammatory immune response) and then subsequently the cause of inflammation. So I explained this with the term “reciprocal correlation”. And let’s say if the higher density is the result of inflammation, so the altered cutaneous immune responses are the cause of persistent inflammation and that is what I was trying to state in my post but then I read the above journal in detail after your question and I found the confirmation of my expression with these sentences of journal “ Studies indicate increased number of D. folliculorum in immunocompromised patients” and “It remains to be determined which kind of cellular immunity may foster mites’ proliferation” and my statement “the false immune response(altered immune response) might be the cause of increasing number of demodex” state the same thing. Thank you for questions because what I was stating is experience based but after thoroughly reading the reference journals from your article I found the confirmation of the same thing.
  6. In my view, normal skin also has demodex mites but less in number so they can't activate pro-inflammatory cytokines but when the number is more they activate it. so logically when the normal skin flora has demodex before rosacea has occured so demodex apparently came first and because demodex mites cause inflammatory immune response and inflammatory immune response is not just related to mites but self-antigen presentation to immune cells rather than non-self which is false immune response or we call it autoimmune response and attacks to healthy cells and so the false immune response might be the cause of increasing number of demodex .So demodex and rosacea have reciprocity with each other to increase its effects and outcomes.
  7. Have you ever heard of tea tree plant alternative? So my new experiment is on Callistemon Viminalis or Melaleuca Viminalis, commonly known as weeping bottlebrush (1) has quite similarities with Melaleuca Alternifolia or commonly known as tea tree plant because they both belong to the Myrtaceae family (2). I have come to know about this plant accidentally because it exactly looks like tea tree plant and when I researched about it, I compared and found that they almost have similar chemical composition so they both have same antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. some of the main active chemical components are : 1,8 cineole, terpinen-4-ol, α-pinene, α-terpineol, p-cymene and limonene are common in both plants but These components have different concentration in both plants (3). So I decided to put it on test and see what are the effects it has on skin so I made infused oil with bottlebrush leaves. I dried the leaves and put it in a jar with coconut oil and kept it under the sun for 10-20 days. This oil has a very strong smell and I have been applying this oil to my face daily and it’s been 5 months, I have been working on it and the results are amazing.Its dry leaves contain more antioxidant properties and We all have known that the antioxidants play an essential role in oxidative stress of cells by donating electrons to free radicals and thereby reducing the inflammation. Antioxidants are like soldiers always protecting our skin cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. So this oil has surprising effects on frequent flushing and reducing the post flare-up red blotches of blood capillaries just like the tea tree oil does but before you use this oil take a patch test on your hand first and see if you have any allergy or sensitivity and if you do make it more diluted with coconut oil. This is good for type I rosacea and try it.It’s all natural. References : 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melaleuca_viminalis 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melaleuca_alternifolia 3. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1995764517303905#bib8
  8. It happens sometimes. You know I have been non-vegetarian since childhood and My skin was also flawless now it's been 4 years I have rosacea with some other co-existing conditions and how did I get I do not know so throughout this journey it has been trial and error period.first I left non-veg to see if it has any effects on rosacea and trust me it helped me in reducing my frequent flare-ups. this is just an example, other than that I have systematically managed my diet and routine. What I am trying to tell you is sometimes the things and foods which we had in past that wasn't bothering at all then, sometimes bother now. so you have to keep an eye on things which you consume to see whether it has any increasing effects on your rosacea.
  9. Yes it can, because coffee contains caffeine and cigar contains nicotine and both are chemicals which increase blood pressure. A single full-size cigar can contain nearly as much nicotine as does a pack of cigarettes but coffee is good if you are taking once a day and not more than that.because caffeine and nicotine both can prolong the frequency and period of flushing.
  10. Yes I had seborrheic dermatitis and blepharitis both with rosacea. So when I researched about it thoroughly I found that when you have SD that causes blepharitis it is sometimes combinedly called seborrheic blepharitis.
  11. I never used horse paste or any ivermectin during my medications. I have type I followed by type 2 rosacea but most of the time type I only with the coexisting condition of seborrheic blepharitis and antibiotics work wonder if you take it orally and apply it topically as well and it completely cured me of seborrheic blepharitis and does not exacerbate the rosacea.
  12. Rosaceans always try to use products which can protect their skin from sun rays and try to find the specific products of their needs. It has been said that sunblock is best for rosaceans with sensitive skin than sunscreen because sunblock has mineral composition which is less irritant to skin and protects the skin from UVB rays providing physical barrier so I also started using zinc oxide cream and after a while my skin started becoming very dry, flaky and rough and I could not understand what was causing my skin to get dry and rough and then I found that zinc oxide was the cause of extreme dryness and flaky skin. I know many of you will have suffered from this thing even thinking of doing nothing wrong. So, I have come up with few things : Zinc oxide is an astringent, means it tends to constrict soft organic tissues and so stops secretions like sebum and sweat.So when you apply sunblock cream directly onto your skin since it has thick creamy consistency so we tend to apply it directly onto our skin and it constricts the tissues and stops absorption and secretion because it sits on the top layer of our skin. So what you can do to prevent your skin from excess drying is apply a good amount of moisturizer which suits your skin best and wait for few minutes let it absorb properly and then apply sunblock cream and avoid using frequently when you do not go out and after applying one time you do not need to reapply it. So avoid using frequently and with this practice within one week the excess dryness is less.
  13. Hey Admin, It's completely nothing like that. Whenever I have anything to share and post, I always do. Today I found your post on fasting and I shared my experience with this post and was browsing something and I found NRS designated this month as rosacea month. SO I just shared that news in this forum and after posting that I found this post. I do not know about the donation and support to any organization, I only love to share and spread my knowledge.
  14. Hello all my friends who have been experiencing and dealing with rosacea, National Rosacea society(NRS) has assigned April month as rosacea awareness month to help educate public and spread awareness on the impact of this chronic condition and to seek medical help with acceptance and understanding. Now, What they have asked us to do to participate and get involved in this awareness month to spread this knowledge to everyone who is new to this condition. You can find this on the following link : https://www.rosacea.org/patients/rosacea-awareness-month
  15. Thank you admin for this post. Yes, This is true to some extent that fasting improves skin condition. In Indian culture, fasting is a religious thing that we devote to god and there are different types of fasting which we perform. Whole fasting in which you can have only water no food items and intermittent fasting in which you can have only one time meal and one more fasting in which you can have only fast related food items like fruits or veggies all day. I have done all the different fasting techniques and I am always doing this and I have found a lot of times that when I fast my visible blood capillaries get constricted and my skin quality looks improved and the puffiness due to rosacea is reduced to some extent. Calories restriction and flushing out of toxins due to having only water in fasting are few things which we can count on but at the cellular and molecular level what happens inside the cell when we fast which contributes to the improvement of skin condition needs to be researched.
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