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  1. Yes what you have pointed out above is correct. There are more interconnected and internal factors or subordinate factors though which enhance the condition but you sometimes never know what activated this condition and have to go through all the loops. Yes sunscreen is important if you are a very fair skinned person but it all depends on skin makeup (from makeup I am saying composition) because skin of color people like me have more melanin production that kind of gives protection from sun rays and that also depends on how your skin reacts to sunscreen if you have dry or oily skin . I use my homemade zinc sunblock on top of lathered moisturizer since I have a dry skin but you just give it a try buying something. There are recommendations of sunscreens in our rosacea topics. you can read what suits you best.
  2. Yes I also have used shea butter a while back and what helped shea butter in that it soothes out the itching sensation and absorbs in skin like I have applied nothing. It really helped a lot. I also had SD and it went with the use of ketoconazole lotion but this time the experience of dry crusty pimple like rough appearance around the mouth and jaw line really indicates the fungus and rosacea play a vital role in inflammatory response and I agree with you that it has not been ruled out and how treating the secondary condition automatically controlled the primary condition with less flushing experience. So we can observe that besides demodex mites other microbial flora this time fungus can play a vital role in aberrant inflammatory response and fungus may play a role in interacting with resident immune cells.
  3. When talking about rosacea there are so many things and factors to consider. Even if you are trying everything to help control this condition, skipping just one thing is enough for its persistency. A few days ago I suddenly had a sandy rough patchy and scaly skin texture on already flushed skin which was aggravating the condition of inflammation altogether. I already have controlled and managed rosacea but only relapse with the onset of fall and continue with winter but If I describe the condition of my skin, it was a skin barrier texture which was not allowing anything if applying topically. It was as if my skin lipids were severely imbalanced. I could not understand what made this condition to appear but I was on with my internal and external cure. It was a little bit resolved but then I examined the pattern of that condition appeared and did a lot of research and found the pattern resembled to yeast infection may be to blame because I had very rough pimple like appearance around my mouth and jawline and again I remembered how I took the treatment regimen when I had seborrheic dermatitis and It was completely gone. Now I considered my severe scalp dandruff and I correlated everything from my scalp flakiness to my intense flushing and on top of that sandy rough flaky skin. Usually I get flare-ups in this season but do not bother much like pain and burning sensation and pruritus but this time it was bothering much and I decided to give it a try the same treatment regimen I had during Seborrheic dermatitis because the treatment regimen for SD and yeast infection are same so I washed my face at night with Ketoconazole 2% with Zinc Pyrithione 1% lotion and the next morning I found a drastic change in my skin as if it is restored to its natural balance and then I washed my hair with that same lotion and I am going to continue this for few days. The major change and outcome I discovered with respect to overall condition : When I treated this condition with ketoconazole the next day I got very mild flare-up and was not flushing for prolonged period but before that I was getting frequent flare-ups and the flushing was prolonged, intense, burning and painful . So I discovered how a yeast or fungal infection can also aggravate the condition of rosacea and even go further can cause the aberrant hyperactive immune function in play. Besides parasites and bacteria how yeast or fungus can play with immune system with respect to rosacea needs to be more discovered.
  4. Thank you so much for this insight. I also have to find out what bothered my skin. I always keep the things in check. I think the gut thing resonated with me a lot because skin and gut has some connection in rosacea. I also do fast but it's been a long time I didn't. I think I need to do it. Thank you so much.
  5. Thank you for this consideration and welcome to the RRDi. I also have seen your work on rosacea on your website and as a practitioner you have lot to tell about different things. I was going to post this as a separate thing but now I can post it here to ask you about this. Recently my skin got very sandy and rough, little swollen appearance out of no where and if I filled air in my mouth like a balloon it had torn down the skin like dry patches. Even if I drink a lot of water, slather my skin with moisturizer. There is no way of sun exposure as harsh to draw moisture out of my skin. But I know a lot of rosaceans experience this thing at times and this condition automatically goes on its own. Now it is fairly settled down on its own but still completely has to go. but it aggravated the condition of rosacea as if triggering. What is the root cause of this and how to care and cure it naturally so that it does not appear next time? Thank you...
  6. Yes they may be linked because roscaea is a kind of chronic inflammatory condition which may or may not be associated with co-morbidities and can occur with other co-expressing conditions. Rosacea can co-exist with other inflammatory conditions. If you are an elderly person and you have been diagnosed with a form of dementia, it is linked to chronic inflammation that means neuroinflammatory condition and neuropeptides are associated with this inflammation because they are the mediators of inflammation and neuropeptides circulate between the brain and peripheral tissues and hence found in the skin and is the cause of your rosacea because chronic skin inflammatory conditions are associated with neuropeptides.
  7. Ok so it has been a long journey for you with respect to rosacea. Yes this theory does not go completely with only fair skin people get rosacea. There are some published research on rosacea in skin of color people. I am an Indian and I also have olive skin with yellow undertone and the bizarre thing is Indian skin is something very acclimatized to sun rays because of its extreme hot and humid climate and we do not get easily anything related to skin but when I got this condition five years ago it was unknown to me and initially it was in an exaggerated condition difficult to control and handle but gradually I understood with trial and error considering my diet what I eat what I apply on my face and environmental and immune conditions. Now still it remits and relapses with frequent episodes but now I know how to manage it.
  8. May be It's not about eating blueberry bar and then getting red blotchy cheeks.sometimes the environmental factors are the triggers. because there are so many factors which trigger rosacea inflammation. genetic, environmental, your immune system, microbial flora of your skin, food triggers and many more. and the condition you described that when you do not eat and you just seat at work not taking stress even if in relaxed state you get red for no reason and this happens to me exactly. So I think the environmental factor may work here because with the onset of fall and continue with winter our body adjusts with the temperature called thermoregulation.You can read about it here : https://irosacea.org/forums/topic/4120-autumn-and-rosacea-flare-ups/?tab=comments#comment-5278 Could you please tell me when did your rosacea condition start? you are new to this condition or it's been a long?
  9. Yes I know this very well it has its medicinal properties and used for food and pharmaceutical industry considering its compounds but not much research has been done on this plant when it comes to skin diseases especially for rosacea and the link you provided It is already mentioned in my articles reference note. Yes you can not find the essential oil online that is why how I made this concoction oil I have explained this in my article.
  10. Yes the reason is, having read all the threads and posts in the RRDi forum, they justify themselves with a pretty good amount of knowledge gained. but in my opinion I would also suggest all the rosaceans to come out and share your knowledge and problems with us and ask your questions so that we could help you out or either we could get something new out of this because every rosacean has different experiences and different outcomes with respect to their rosacea. Brady and I are gaining interest in viruses in rosacea so if any member has any experience of it, they can just share their experiences or problems or questions with us.
  11. I am already onto it.Yes we must do research on this theme to know more about viruses in rosacea. Infact I have been talking to so many researchers who work on skin microbiome in infection and diseases and share my research ideas with them. It would be a good idea to do such research on fresh theme.
  12. Yes sugar is an inflammatory food and causes inflammation because of its high glycemic index because when you eat sugar it directly goes to your gut and gets processed and enters blood stream and increases insulin level and when you are already prone to inflammation, It exacerbates and fuel the condition of inflammation. If you can reduce the intake of sugar you can after some days easily feel the roughness above the inflamed skin going away.
  13. Very good post. I also have been researching and trying to find out the ways in which mite-bacterial interaction as well as viral interaction in rosacea exacerbate the condition of inflammation.
  14. I have with my care controlled or you can say remitted the condition of rosacea. It is less exacerbating and only bothers in fall and winter and I have control over it at many times but how stress and less sleep can relapse the condition of rosacea when it is already in control, I have experienced. The dilation of blood capillaries start showing and the erythematic condition characterized by flushing is more prevalent when there were less signs. So the things you can do are take more antioxidants since stress means if you go beyond it is cellular stress which changes the skin resident proteins and immune cells and do the things which help alleviate stress so that you can have good sound sleep because again less sleep means increasing the oxidative stress. Antioxidants and good sleep are the main things you can count on.
  15. Yes I have had experience of blepharitis with ET rosacea and papulopustular rosacea so every patient with both types of rosacea should go for blepharitis mites test before it becomes chronic because in early phase you can get rid of blepharitis if it is acute.
  16. Trillium Hii Trillium, I read one of your posts about using metronidazole topical cream with ivermectin. I do not know much about the duo combination of creams in terms of results but I know about metronidazole cream which my doctors had prescribed me and you have already made your point and explanation of how these creams work. so its no use discussing the same thing but with my experience why we should use antibiotics instead of steroids for rosacea is that steroids exacerbate the conditions of rosacea. you will have heard about the steroidal rosacea. My skin improved a lot using metronidazole cream with oral antibiotics. (your one more point about you were told rosacea is an autoimmune disease but it's just an infestation.) It is not completely right. though it is not an autoimmune disease but it is a chronic skin inflammatory disease which primarily includes immune cells and system. It has similarities with autoimmune conditions in terms of deregulation and misguiding of immune cells but then it's all about different immune cells playing their parts and contributing to these conditions. Infact the skin-microbiome interaction in rosacea is what alters the immune cells creating inflammatory response and vice-versa.very few research is going on this topic about does immune-compromised condition cause microbiome to increase in number or vice-versa.
  17. Yes I guess the mites can spread from the skin contact if the mites are in aggressive number on your face because as far as I know even on your face the mites will not stay at one place they tend to go from one place to another. normal skin also has demodex but in lower numbers but it has found the cause of rosacea with increased number of demodex.Don't cancel the trip. Better to consult dermatologist to find the better treatment for your rosacea.
  18. Yes I think we have to pay attention to the other skin-microbiome interaction also which tend to play a role in rosacea especially I was thinking of bacteriophage (bacteria+virus) which might play a role in rosacea and very few research is going on this rosacea and the idea of research on this theme would open up a new direction for rosacea. Think out loud.
  19. In my opinion, if we do research on the causes of rosacea we ultimately will go deep into the ground picture such as on cell and molecular and immunological level. If we find the main factors behind this condition, We then can cover everything in a broad picture to be focused on. First we have to find the root cause of this disease and everything will come into place.
  20. Yes I know it's not rosacea but erythema (redness). I know there are so many conditions which look like rosacea but they are not but we do not know the underlying cause might correlate.it might be a co existing condition occurs with rosacea. I haven't done anything for it. It is slowly decreasing itself.
  21. has anyone noticed something experiencing this unusual condition with them? First time I have seen something like this and the thing is erythema is extended to arms and the redness is not causing any pain and itchiness and the startling thing is I get intense erythema on my right cheek than my left cheek and the erythema on my right hand is more than the left hand. So I was observing, has right face erythema anything to do with right hand erythema? Does it have any connection in common?
  22. Ok I guess you are ingesting it orally? and if you are ingesting it orally, it has residual effects means it is stored in body fat and then progressively released to work and taking too often will cause build up. So you have mentioned that you have already taken your first dose so wait for one week and see the results and then follow the next dose and the recommended dose is 200 mcg(micrograms) per kilogram body weight but slight point difference will be ok but ask and consult your physician before you take any treatment.
  23. There are so many alcohols in Soolantra's inactive ingredients which cause dryness and flakiness of skin which in turn cause itching and irritation and redness. Parabens and propylene glycol are also there which tend to penetrate the skin to help allow other ingredients to enter and this may be the reason your skin reacted and couldn't handle because everyone's skin reacts differently to chemicals.
  24. Yes admin I had learned about the difference when I got rosacea sometimes It was sudden intense redness and bump and sometimes it was episodic redness so I researched about it because it happens with me with the onset of autumn. When the autumn starts I get sudden intense flare with redness and bumps and then the redness and bumps last longer and take time to go and during full autumn and winter after that flare-up, I get short episodic flushing very frequently which looks like it is blushing. but it is all unexpected and unanticipated about its timing.
  25. Yes, I had also mentioned this in my previous post quoting someone's question about tobacco and cigar causing him rosacea and I had said that you have to figure it out which food or item is triggering your rosacea and I had given my example of leaving non-veg (pointing out meat) which was causing me flare-ups and then recently I read about red meat causes skin inflammation. So the point is if any food items or drinks or smoke are triggering your rosacea and are not listed anywhere but you have to keep an eye on your diet because everyone's body reacts differently to what they eat.
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