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  1. Brady I read that dogs have a different type of mite on them. One that does not/can not live on human skin. Are you saying this is inaccurate? Or dated information? Could you please link me to some info. I cannot find anything about humans getting mites from dogs. Also should I be at all concerned about spreading mites to my dog? I realize I'm being a bit neurotic about all this. But I believe in being thorough.
  2. Kind of weird subject. Especially considering all people with rosacea seem to have demodex mites. Also considering a large percentage of the populace seem to have them. Of course they do not react like some do and it never becomes a problem. I strongly suspect I am suffering from a demodex mite infestation. My symptoms coincide with other testimonials. Also the pictures I've seen from medical papers do resemble my skin condition. Specifically the white "spikes" inside of pores. But here is my question I will be staying with my out of state gf for an extended period. We will be shari
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