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  1. What kind of rosacea/redness does the benzoyl peroxide 5% for 30 mins give you 90% clearance of Rory? is it papules/pustules ? redness on nose/cheeks ? background redness on whole face ? redness around mouth ?
  2. Ok , thanks for following up on the post Rory. That's disappointing but what can you do. Thanks for the feedback Admin also.
  3. I'd really like to hear about the oral ivermectin Rory, I am living in Ireland and I've also wondered about the demodex brevis after Soolantra (9 months) failed to clear my skin. Oral Ivermectin is one of the few things I still haven't tried. I've pulled eyelashes out of my eyebrows and some of them looked clear enough, other ones has a prominent hair follicle and a a weird gooey substance which I thought might be an indicator of demodex brevis, I have some redness over my eyebrows and in the oily T-zone, outside of the oily T-zone my skin is fairly clear.
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