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  1. Thank you for such a welcoming response! And, I appreciate the pointer towards the oral dosing thread. I’m glad to ‘officially’ be here, after years of lurking and learning from everyone.
  2. I have used horse ‘paste’ (more like a gel) multiple times when my acneic rosacea has flared, along with bouts of overly greasy skin and flakiness. I can’t remember where i found the suggested use guidelines online (may be on this forum), but only had used it topically, and mixed with a natural tea tree oil lotion because the apple scented gel is greasy/sticky. Last week, after getting fed up with pustules all over my chin and nose again (at 51 years old... grr...), i reordered two tubes of the DuraMectin from Amazon, and used one tube over the course of the last week. It helped—it always does. My skin becomes less oily; with less ‘build up,’ or skin thickening, and far far fewer pustules. The flakiness goes away completely and leaves me feeling and looking like I am an adult with actual, normal-looking skin. But, this time, they weren’t gone, despite using it directly without mixing it with a lotion. I simply rubbed it in thoroughly, and just dealt with any residual sticky sensations. I think the rosacea simply is worsening with age, unfortunately. So, I referenced the ingested dosing suggestions found for both scabies infestations as well as for pustular rosacea, and refamiliarized myself with the clear studies on oral ingestion of Ivermectin in humans, and took a 125lb dose orally. Probably should’ve just gone with the 250, though. I will on the next dose, a couple of days from now. As happens when applying topically, without mixing, i got a flushing sensation after ingesting it. Nothing really noticeable except I’m sensitive to it based on years of knowing flushing is a sign my face is about to explode in severe acne. But, so far, so good. DuraMectin is pretty much a miracle solution that’s been hiding right in front of my face for years, unbeknownst to me. The trouble with Soolantra is many, for me: Cost, for sure, but also: additives; multiple forms chosen at the discretion of your doctor, as well as often needing to run through multiple other treatments before a doctor will even prescribe it for rosacea. Very frustrating and leads many to believe the medical profession either doesn’t understand the suffering we endure, or they simply have no real impetus to cure it. As a result, I’ve remained hesitant to seriously listen to the articles citing dermatologists’ warnings about using Ivermectin horse paste. Couple that with the thousands of anecdotal reviews and reports of real people ingesting AND using horse paste topically to great success for rosacea, scabies, live and other mites, and the millions world wide orally ingesting Ivermectin to no ill effect, and it was a no brainer for me. Still is. As noted several times here, make sure whichever brand you go with has no other active ingredient. All active ingredients must be on the label. It’s just inactive ingredients that don’t. But the only real concern, if there are no allergies to PG or other benign ingredients that may be used, is that there isn’t another active drug that kills other worms, parasites, bots, OTHER than Ivermectin. I have, to date, only seen one horse paste on amazon that contains more than Ivermectin as the only active ingredient. My take is: It’s hard enough to find work or to interface with the public as an adult with terrible acne. I just don’t have time or patience to wait for doctors and pharmaceutical companies to do the right thing for us, who suffer. So, here is my thumbs-up/a-okay for DuraMectin Apple flavored horse paste—applied topically AND/OR ingested orally, by your body weight, to clear up rosaceaic acne. Cheers, Erin
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