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  1. Hi All, Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this community. I have a story I want to share about my journey towards a Rosacea diagnosis and learning about and dealing with the disorder. In my late twenties I began to have symptoms beyond what I thought was just a little localized acne and redness. I had a nurse friend that suggested hydrocortisone cream for the redness and it actually worked for me. Around the same time I developed a temporary skin condition that was diagnosed as eczema. It was on my hands and the doctor said it was stress induced eczema and gave me a cream that cleared it up, never to return. Twenty five years later (6 months ago) my face...caught fire. I had what I would call sudden onset rosacea. It was bad. The red butterfly came on strong. I went to the doctor and she diagnosed it as rosacea and put me on that standard old school anti-microbial cream (now she wants me on oral antibiotics) and I am now looking for a regimen (and products) that work for me and....to understand the condition better and manage it somehow. A few thoughts and insights I have gained in my research and in understanding my body and it’s reactions that I would love input on. 1. It is complicated and there is no one cause or cure but a large complicated web of interconnected factors. 2. Stress and mental health plays a HUGE role. I still have hopes that when my life situational stress and depression settles down, I may find more relief. 3. Over all health plays a huge role. Diet. Exercise. My diet has been horrible as I have been eating out a lot and drinking more and exercising less since it “came on strong”. 4. Environment (for example it is winter and I have been using a space heater to heat my room but the house is freezing) could play a role. 5. Every individual is different. Does my thinking seem correct or on the right tract to those that have more experience? Is sunscreen important? I am very fair skinned but not outside a lot but I have not been using sunscreen. Beyond affirmation and question answering. My hope is that insights I have and my sharing will help others in some small way.
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