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    Also - if you are having issues with insurance, you can also order 20% AA from Australia under the AZClear brand: https://www.pharmacyonline.com.au/catalogsearch/result?q=azclear
  2. MSR


    It's a 20% AA cream: https://www.amazon.com/Ecological-Formulas-Melazepam-Cream/dp/B001WUEJ4U/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-drs1_0?cv_ct_cx=melazepam&dchild=1&keywords=melazepam&pd_rd_i=B001WUEJ4U&pd_rd_r=d8776536-23b0-4ca7-9db6-5662e9950a5a&pd_rd_w=ipVyQ&pd_rd_wg=qwcyw&pf_rd_p=99c7ce93-69a7-402a-ba4e-be326f866b88&pf_rd_r=KN04VE01K64ZWH604CTC&psc=1&qid=1601214129&sr=1-1-f6b8d51f-2c55-4dc3-89ad-0c3639671b2d
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    Thanks for the update! AA via the weird Malazapham (sp) from Amazon was one of my "false dawns." It's 20% and I jumped into using it twice a day. I lasted two weeks and it was clearing things but was super irritating to my skin. I had to stop. I will experiment with adding it in a few times a week. I'm thinking we need to have a multi-pronged approach to this. (1) Kill the yeast, (2) repair the damaged skin barrier, (3) remove the excess keratin/heal the bumps, (4) repopulate the skin microbiome. Tom's products should do the first three, albeit it very slowly.
  4. MSR


    Thank you for your reply! So you are saying that your SD has not completely cleared after several months of use? I have been using Tom's shampoo and lotion for 5 weeks now to try and beat down a Malassezia folliculitis take-over of 50% of my body. I did have a small patch of SD on the backs of my ears when I started (was first time to get SD in that area - have previously battled it on my scalp but been clear there for many years now), and by the 2nd or 3rd week of use, the ears were healed. BUT, I also put the lotion on that area, which I feel (just a hunch) is more effective than the sh
  5. MSR


    Hello! How are you finding Tom's Aquavive? Any updates?
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