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  1. Rosacea, like common acne vulgaris is caused by blocked pores, infection, and homones leading to an inflammatory response. We have a long way to go before we can talk about a cure. In my opinion, all of our efforts are directed at controlling this condition. Research dollars should be directed at basic science, epidemiology (understanding the population with rosacea), applied basic science, and clinical studies regarding particular drugs. A broad effort is required since we are not yet close to a single clear answer to this problem.
  2. Rosacea is related to blocked pores, infection/inflammation, and hormones. I never cease to be amazed how many patients can identify personal trigger factors....yet, I have never seen a patient who feels confident they can control rosacea by merely avoiding identifiable triggers. Ultimately, topical antibiotics, systemic antibiotics, and a variety of anti-inflammatory medications will be the mainstay of treatment of active disease. Vascular lesion laser remains the key to facial erythema not responsive to the above.
  3. Another new member of the advisory board...Robert T. Brodell, M.D. I am in the private practice of Dermatology and Dermatopathology in Warren, Ohio, and serve on the volunteer faculty of Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. I also serve on the committee that produces the AAD on-line rosacea website (rosacea-Net Workgroup) and serve as a director of the American Board of Dermatology. Looking forward to lending a hand!
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