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  1. I have seen some patients going into spontaneous remission without any treatment Best M.S..
  2. I fully agree with all others replies. We are far away form the cure of rosacea. It is important to know factors responsible for the inflammation but this will not have influence on the therapy for the next ten years Best M.S.
  3. I think it would be important to know much more about the pathogenesis of Rosacea, nutrition, UV, .... Another important topic is the contribution of Demodex. I agree to the statement of Prof. Plweig. Best M.S.
  4. I think this would be a good idea although the study will be not easy to perform- Best M. Schaller
  5. Hello, my name is Prof. Martin Schaller and i am interested in patients with acne and rosacea. Another topic of my clinical work is the contribution of Demodex to the pathogenesis of Rosacea. Sincerely M. Schaller
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