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    • You may find it interesting why the RRDi, the first non profit organization for rosacea founded by rosacea sufferers, was formed. A post on rosacea research in respect to funding helps get a clearer perspective.  Currently there are four active non profit organizations for rosacea:  National Rosacea Society (NRS) 501 (c) (3) non-profit(Spends 60% of its donations on two private contractors owned by the director/president of the NRS, Sam Huff, and 10% of its donations on rosacea research) American Acne and Rosacea Society (AARS) 501 (c) (3) non-profit(Spends most of it donations on conventions for its prestigious members and very little on rosacea research) Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada(Absolutely no financial public records so we have no data on any rosacea research) The RRDi, which is where you are now.  You mention cancer, which as you point out receives millions, if not billions of dollars in donations, and very little is spent on cancer research if you actually check how each non profit organization for cancer spends its donations. This post explains where a few cancer organizations actually do spend a significant amount on cancer research, such as Dana Farber and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but typically, most cancer non profits, i.e., The American Cancer Society (Group), spend very little on cancer research. For example the The American Cancer Society (Group) received almost a billion dollars in donations and spent less than one percent of this on cancer research. Most people don't care about any of this.   The American Academy of Dermatology receives millions of dollars in donations and in 2015 spent 3% of the total on research, very little if any on rosacea research.  The sad point of all this is that Rosaceans simply don't care how non profit organizations for rosacea should conduct themselves. They don't care about coming together and trying to do their own research. They continue to donate to the NRS who spends very little money of its donations on rosacea research, about ten percent, and spends the vast majority on private contractors owned by the president/director of the NRS. C'est la vie. 
    • Yes, I think this is the best method you are trying. Try this for at least four weeks and post back your results. 
    • You may want to try the Agri-Mectin gel on your face at night and let it dry before you put your face on the pillow or bed. In the am wash it off. See if this works for you? 
    • I was using the Durvet Invermectin Paste: https://www.amazon.com/Ivermectin-Paste-Dewormer-6-08g-Flavor/dp/B000HHLWPI I would buy mine from a local animal feed store called Wilco for even less than Amazon sells it. But it was on Amazon I found ivermectin at all. The reviews from folks who are using it for Rosacea sold me on the idea. I just tried the Agri-Mectin last night. I took a syringe and was able to take just enough out of the vial to put on my fingers to apply to my face. It dried on my face nicely so I avoided all the gooey gel feeling with this method. I think this maybe my best work around. I can see this vial of 50ml will last awhile too. It is 28.00 on Amazon but will look to see if I can find it locally for a bit cheaper if possible. If not, I still think this is a way more affordable way to go over Soolantra. ElaineA had mentioned above she thinks it costs Galderma about $20.00 a tube to make and that sounds about right when they thin it down with cream additives. I know my dermatologist has suggested I use a moisturizer along with Soolantra. I may try combining a moisturizing cream with the Agri-Mectin to see if that improves the dryness of the straight 1% Agri-Mectin. On the Agri-Mectin bottle it says it is approved by the FDA and it also says it is sterile too. So I think this is a pure and reliable product. In the bottle description is says it contains: 1% Ivermectin, 40% glycerol formal, and propylene glycol. I looked the ingredients up and "Glycerol Formal is a low odour and low toxic solvent for a wide variety of applications in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry" propylene glycol "is a synthetic food additive that belongs to the same chemical group as alcohol". I am not injecting it nor am I eating it and once I get this under control I may not need to use it all the time is my thinking right now. Living with over population of demodex is worse in my book right now. It is affecting my eyes. I use an eye lid cleaner called We Love Eyes I was told about by my eye doctor. It is made of tea tree oil. I am also thinking about treating my hair with maybe Tree Tree Oil shampoos possibly. I have tried two well known shampoos but I just don't think they work that well. Denorex and  Nizoral which is kind of expensive if you have longer hair. I may just decide to put the Agri_Mectin in regular shampoo and give it a few minutes sitting in my hair before rinsing. Make sure I am not accidentally swallowing any of it while rinsing. I also read where these mites get in your ears but haven't really thought about best practices with that yet. Maybe my high pitched sound hearing loss is not from listening to loud music but demodex? I have a feeling the demodex is not to blame : )
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