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    How do you bring together the best minds on rosacea into one medical advisory committee? It has been a long winding road but the end of the road looks hopeful for rosaceans. The MAC members are making themselves available on a volunteer basis by listing their name. We know they all live busy lives, so the RRDi does not pressure anyone to volunteer and these volunteer health care professionals do so if they have the volunteer time to respond to our inquires. 

    The purpose of the MAC is to find a cure for rosacea, to determine what research needs to be addressed, to recommend how the institute spends the funding on rosacea research, and to determine the general direction of the institute. Occasionally a MAC member responds to questions from our members in our public forum if they have the time. 

    Each professional on the RRDi MAC demonstrates their support by simply allowing us to list their name. If your dermatologist or other professional would like to show their support for our non profit rosacea patient advocacy organization by allowing us to list a name not on this list please fill out the Registration Form mentioning in the volunteer skills box the rosacea medical background so we can consider approving the request. 

    The MAC is large because all the professionals are volunteers. They all have very busy schedules and have agreed to volunteer when they have available time to do so to help the RRDi with rosacea questions in our ASK THE MAC forum. If some on the MAC can't answer questions, having a large number of MAC members hopefully will offset those who are too busy to answer questions. The RRDi appreciates any amount of volunteer time these professionals can give. If you have a medical background and would like to join our MAC please fill out the Registration Form mentioning in the volunteer skills box your medical background and your desire to volunteer on the RRDi MAC

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