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    • "Researchers found yeast with high levels of the sugar known as glucose overstimulated the same proteins often found mutated inside human tumors, making cells grow faster. The finding, published in Nature Communications on Friday, aims to shed light on how cancer develops." Relationship between sugar and cancer is now clearer, scientists say, Ashley May, USA TODAY
    • PRWeb announced, "The National Rosacea Society (NRS) announced it has awarded funding for three new studies, in addition to continuing support for three ongoing studies, as part of its research grants program to increase knowledge and understanding of the causes and other key aspects of rosacea that may lead to improvements in its management, prevention or potential cure." On the NRS web site it states, "Since its founding, the research grants program has awarded more than $1.5 million to researchers for a wide range of rosacea-related studies, and the program is funded by donations from many thousands of individuals who wish to improve the lives of those affected by rosacea." The PRWeb announcement says that in 2017 $75,000 was awarded as grants. The NRS announced that in 2016 $65,000 was awarded in grants. In 2015 the NRS Form 990 reported that $75,010 was awarded in grants. These figures are the highest amount of donated money spent on rosacea research grants by any non profit organization. Since we have been following the NRS we have noted that the NRS has spent a total of $1,337,939 on rosacea research grants from 1998 thru 2015. During this same period from 1998 through 2015 the total public support donations amounted to 22% of the total donations, and the NRS insists on its web site that "The NRS research grants program, which is entirely funded by rosacea patients, has played a leadership role in making this important progress possible." It is to be noted that during the period of 1998 through 2015 the NRS received in total donations $13,149,975. If you do the math, this means that 10.17% of the total money donated to the NRS was spent on rosacea research grants. To put this in a way you can understand, for every dollar donated to the NRS about ten cents is spent on rosacea research grants.  So what does the NRS do with the other 90% of it donations which amounted to over $13 million dollars?  60% is spent on two private contractors owned by Sam Huff, the President of the NRS, who sits on the board of directors.  We have a Google Sheet showing all the donations and expenses for your review. The other 30% is spent on various expenses listed on the Form 990 which is required by law to show the public since the NRS is a non profit organization. To help you understand clearly what the NRS is doing with 60% of its donations, for every dollar donated to the NRS 60 cents is spent on two private contractors that are corporations owned by Sam Huff, President of the NRS.  This is, of course, legal, many non profits do this, and most rosacea sufferers who donate to the NRS could care less if the NRS spends over half its donations on two private corporations owned by the president of the NRS.  However, the RRDi was chiefly formed because we thought a non profit organization could do much better in spending its donations. For more information on why the RRDi was formed read this article. 
    • "Rosacea is an incredibly common condition, but many people will never know that it is the cause of their symptoms. However, in many cases it can bothersome, embarrassing, and sometimes painful. “Whether a patient has mild redness or severe skin thickening, if it bothers you, there are many possible treatment options,” said Tinklepaugh." Taking the Red Out: Treating Rosacea, by Elizabeth Renda, University of Utah Health 
    • Two Steps for SD Newbies (1) Read Tom Busby's SD Treatment Protocol (2) Read this thread  
    • Hi Mollie,  Posted Dr. Heng's interview here. Lilou interviewed me too. 
    • Giovanna Lopez
      image courtesy of Wendy Gould, PopSugar " "I am such a huge skincare junkie, and I have a set routine that I do every day," said Giovanna Lopez, who modeled at Michael Costello's presentation. She noted that in addition to cleansing and applying serum every day, she's also a huge fan of using rosewater as a toner on her sensitive skin. "I have rosacea flare-ups, so it's one thing that really helps to calm my skin and soothe my redness," she said." 8 Stunning Models Spill Skincare Hacks You Actually Haven't Heard Yet, Photo 7 of 18, by WENDY GOULD, PopSugar
    • Hello, hope YOU are having a Wonderful day! Was watching Miranda Lynn Angel's video Brady posted and stumbled upon this one. I'm on the search for research on the Immune System and was surprised by the nuggets I found in this video posted by Lilou Mace's channel on YouTube. Brady do you think you can skype/video an interview with Dr Heng on Rosacea, diet, and anything else she has discovered about the body...immune system?https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_8266&feature=iv&src_vid=oYp9_WiDT6k&v=SHHsXeOyPto I did search to see if Dr Heng or Lilou Mace was posted in the forums with no results so, I added some tags to this post. If this was already posted somewhere sorry.    
    • Related Articles The Possible Combined Action of Different Trigger Agents in Rosacea. Actas Dermosifiliogr. 2017 Oct 11;: Authors: Ciccarese G, Parodi A, Rebora A, Drago F PMID: 29031487 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] {url} = URL to article
    • Related Articles Obesity and risk for incident rosacea in US women. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2017 Oct 12;: Authors: Li S, Cho E, Drucker AM, Qureshi AA, Li WQ Abstract
      BACKGROUND: The relationship between obesity and rosacea is poorly understood.
      OBJECTIVE: To conduct the first cohort study to determine the association between obesity and risk for incident rosacea.
      METHODS: A total of 89,886 participants were included from the Nurses' Health Study II (1991-2005). Information on history of clinician-diagnosed rosacea and year of diagnosis was collected in 2005. Information on obesity was collected biennially during follow-up.
      RESULTS: Over 14 years of follow-up, we identified 5249 incident cases of rosacea. The risk for rosacea was elevated for those with increased body mass index (BMI, Ptrend < .0001). Compared with a BMI of 21.0-22.9 kg/m(2), the hazard ratio of rosacea was 1.48 (95% confidence interval 1.33-1.64) for BMI ≥ 35.0. There was a trend toward an increased risk for rosacea among participants who had gained weight after age 18 years (Ptrend < .0001), with a hazard ratio of 1.04 (95% confidence interval 1.03-1.05) per 10-lb weight gain. We also observed significantly increased risk for rosacea associated with higher waist circumference and hip circumference (Ptrend < .0001), and the associations appeared to be independent of BMI.
      LIMITATIONS: This epidemiologic study did not explore underlying mechanisms of the association.
      CONCLUSIONS: Measures of obesity were significantly associated with an increased risk for incident rosacea.
      PMID: 29033249 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] {url} = URL to article
    • The Effect of Skin Sebum, pH, and Moisture on Demodex Infestation in Acne Vulgaris and Rosacea Patients. Turkiye Parazitol Derg. 2017 Sep;41(3):143-147 Authors: Turan N, Kapıcıoğlu Y, Saraç G Abstract
      OBJECTIVE: Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory disease involving the pilosebaceous unit. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that affects the face in particular. This study aimed to determine if skin sebum, pH, and moisture affect the number of Demodex spp. in acne vulgaris and rosacea patients.
      METHODS: This study focused on 30 patients each with acne vulgaris and rosacea. As a control group, 60 healthy individuals were included.
      RESULTS: In acne vulgaris patients, when compared to those with Demodex mite more than 5 /cm2 in each area, less than 5/cm2 were found to be oily, acidic, dry or very dry. However, there was no significant difference in moisture value. In patients with rosacea, the skin was acidic and dry in patients those with more than 5/cm2 Demodex mites when compared to those with demodex mite less than 5 /cm2 in patients in each of the right cheek and nose areas. There was no difference in skin oil level.
      CONCLUSION: The oily, acidic, dry, and very dry skin of the acne vulgaris patients and the oily, acidic, and very dry skin of the rosacea patients are factors facilitating the development of Demodex ssp.
      PMID: 29035242 [PubMed - in process] {url} = URL to article

    • Miranda Lynn Angel
      image courtesy of Instagram
    • Carol Smillie
      image courtesy of wikipedia "The situation Carol describes will be all too familiar to the one in ten of the UK population who suffer the blushing skin condition often dubbed ‘Curse of the Celts’, as it usually afflicts those with pale complexions. Consultant dermatologist Dr Edward Seaton, a leading expert, says: ‘Rosacea isn’t life-threatening, but it can be extremely distressing....Indeed, the 49-year-old television presenter and model, who became something of a national treasure for roles on Changing Rooms and the Holiday programmes, first started having problems shortly after her 40th birthday in 2001." I'm not drunk I have rosacea: Carol Smillie tells embarrassing story of facial flushes
      By Diana Appleyard, Daily Mail 

    • Calgary Avansino
      image courtesy of  "It didn't take long to be diagnosed with rosacea and told that "there is not much known about it and no known cure". All four of the dermatologists I visited (yes, four - I was determined to find one who would offer a glimmer of hope) explained that it was chronic inflammation where blood vessels dilate too easily. It occurs most commonly in women (check) with fair skin (check) who are prone to blushing (check). So, at an age when I assumed I was well beyond my "skin-issue" years, I was suddenly a textbook case. All the doctors told me to treat it with oral and topical antibiotics." Dealing With Rosacea: Under My Skin, CALGARY AVANSINO, Vogue

    • Tami Carlson
      image courtesy of WDW " "That's when I finally decided I had to do something," Carlson said. She went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with rosacea. "I was so glad to be diagnosed with something that wasn't attributable to poor hygiene," she said. "My dermatologist told me to stop using all those expensive beauty products I had bought. They were just aggravating my condition." " Model Triumphs Over Rosacea Career Threat, NRS
    • "The presence of rosacea has frequently been attributed to excessive alcohol consumption in various literary pieces of the past and in particular, the rhinophyma or nose deformity that can manifest with the condition has been associated with alcoholism. Although a trigger factor for rosacea flare-ups, alcohol consumption has been incorrectly indicated as the primary cause of the condition in many famous, historical works." Rosacea History, By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD, News Medical Life Sciences "1300s: Dr. Guy de Chauliac, a French surgeon living in the 14th century, wrote about "red lesions in the face, particularly on the nose and cheeks." He called the condition "goutterose" (French for "pink droplet") or "couperose" (now a common French term for rosacea)." Rosacea through the Ages: a Timeline, NRS
    • Hello Victoria, Welcome to the Forums! I have not heard of Zo Skin Care either or had laser therapy.  Hope you find the information you need, Cheers!   Thanks for posting a link Brady.     
    • The national survey on rosacea was conducted with over 500 patients suffering from rosacea and about 300 dermatologist, the main finding included the patients struggle emotionally and low self-esteem, don’t feel comfortable talking to their physician, and impact their social and psychological life. Economic productivity loss due to skin diseases is increasing at an alarming rate. According to American Academy of Dermatologists (AAD), skin diseases affect not just productivity but confidence levels of patients, creating passive impact on long term work stature. Exemplifying the above point, AAD noted that ~85 Mn Americans were seen by a physician for at least one skin disease in 2013 in the U.S, leading to direct healthcare costs of US$ 75 Bn and loss due to opportunity cost of US$11 Bn. The symptoms of the rosacea, persist for a week and vanishes and then appear after some time. People generally reach out for either self-treatments or prescription support. According to American Academy of Dermatologists, 90% of the people, who seek professional help, tend to show 40-50% improvement within at least three months. Some of the major players in global rosacea treatment market are Allergan Plc., Galderma S.A., and Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., Bayer AG, Dermik Laboratories, Inc., Mayne Pharma, Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH and Others. Rosacea Treatment Market Evolving Industry Trends and Key Insights by 2025, Find Market Research Request for Report Sample @ https://www.persistencemarketresearch.com/samples/18793  
    • Dear Rosy Friends(how dear Julie B. Campbell likes to call us), Greetings from Romania to all of you! The treatment that I started more than a month ago works for me very well. No more flushing, no burning and no acid sensations. It is so nice to feel great again after so many years of permanent struggle with Rosacea ETR. I am so well that I can enjoy listening to music again, feeling like dancing in every second, start reading books and looking for a new job in European Union. My daily dose is now  Coaxil(1 per day), instead of Bromazepam(1) I take Clonazepam(1), Sanval(1) and Romparkin(half). I am so glad that I finally found a solution that works and is no longer necessary to fight each day with Ministry of Health from Romania to have a medical treatment abroad. Easy easy the things will heal. I will never be Prince Charming again but at least I have finally found the peace of mind. Hallelujah. For my skin I use from time to time Dragon Blood Kit from Utsukusy Cosmetics (http://www.utsukusycosmetics.com/indexeng.html) from Barcelona, Spain. I am also waiting for ZZ cream to try it and see what is happening. I will keep you all informed about my trial of ZZ cream. I pray for all of you to find a way that works well for your type of skin and type of Rosacea. If anyone has a question for me I am ready to answer to you with the greatest pleasure. God help us all. Panda hugs
    • Thank you for fixing the links, sent you a message.
    • There is a painting in the Louvre, "The Old Man and His Grandson" by Ghirlandiao around the year 1480, which is an example of phymatous rosacea (Phenotype 5). 
    • The conclusion of a paper on the relationship between pharmaceutical sales representatives (PSRs) and physicians states:  "Physician–pharmaceutical industry and its sales representative’s interactions and acceptance of gifts from the company’s PSRs have been found to affect physicians’ prescribing behaviour and are likely to contribute to irrational prescribing of the company’s drug. Therefore, intervention in the form of policy implementation and education about the implications of these interactions is needed." BMJ Open. 2017; 7(9): e016408.
      Published online 2017 Sep 27. doi:  10.1136/bmjopen-2017-016408
      PMCID: PMC5623540
      Interactions between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry generally and sales representatives specifically and their association with physicians’ attitudes and prescribing habits: a systematic review
      Freek Fickweiler, Ward Fickweiler, and Ewout Urbach
    • Pityriasis rosea [PR]
      "Pityriasis rosea is a skin rash. It is benign but may inflict substantial discomfort in certain cases. Classically, it begins with a single "herald patch" lesion, followed in 1 or 2 weeks by a generalized body rash lasting up to 12 weeks, however usually around 6 - 8." Wikipedia • More info
    • “When rosacea flares up, it blocks the glands and the tears evaporate faster without the natural oils, leading to dry eyes and blepharitis,” she explained. “This leads to itchy, dry eye and flakey red eyelids.”   A Very Important Reason You Should Never Ignore Your Rosacea. By Carly Ledbetter, HuffPost

    • Karl Malden
      image courtesy of wikipedia "President Bill Clinton and the late actors Karl Malden and W. C. Fields all suffered from the disease, as do some 16 million more ordinary Americans."
      What Causes Rosacea? New VA-Led Studies Try to Find Out
      2012 Compendium of Federal Medicine | Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), By David Beasley, US Medicine

    • James Cromwell 
      image courtesy of wikipedia "In addition to Fields, the Web site states that other performers may have battled rosacea off screen as well, including actor Elisha Cook, Jr., who appeared in "The Maltese Falcon," and James Cromwell of "Babe." 
      Web Site Features Rosacea as Portrayed by Hollywood Actors, NRS

    • Elisha Cook, Jr 
      image courtesy of wikipedia "In addition to Fields, the Web site states that other performers may have battled rosacea off screen as well, including actor Elisha Cook, Jr., who appeared in "The Maltese Falcon," and James Cromwell of "Babe." 
      Web Site Features Rosacea as Portrayed by Hollywood Actors, NRS
    • Hi Victoria,  Haven't heard of Zo Skin Care. Amazon doesn't carry it. Might want to read this post about LED or some of the posts in the Laser category. Keep us posted on your results. 
    • Thanks Mollie for pointing this out. They were old links and now I have updated them. There are some other older posts like this that have links similar to this that need updating. If you find any more that would be most helpful. I need volunteers so if you want to be a moderator so you can assist in finding such issues in the forum that would be much appreciated. Let me know if you want to volunteer as a moderator?
    • Hello, hope you are doing well today. Thank you Brady for posting this information and saving precious time searching and looking for answers. The LED device link doesn't work (none of them do) which I understand links go away and who can keep up updating them?! lol Please share any links or information on LED Devices and making a LED device please, thank you.  
    • Wow. Good to know that as I am very sure everyone was thinking that Boris Yeltsin skin condtion was caused by Vodka. It happend to me the same thing. Some of my neighbours were thinking that I was an alcoholic because I was severe red all the time.
    • Hello,
      I have sub-type 1 rosacea with severe flushing brought on by heat (hot room, drinks, food), alcohol and exertion.
      I believe that laser with LED treatment may well work for me. I have been for a consultation and been told to use ZO Skin Care in preparation for the laser treatment. However one usage has brought me out in a terrible, hot, all over face flush.
      Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone else had to you ZO Skin Care prior to laser therapy?
      Thank for you help x
    • Rosacea and subsequent diagnosis for Parkinson's Disease: a large, urban, single center, U.S. patient population retrospective study. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2017 Oct 12;: Authors: Mathieu RJ, Guido N, Ibler E, Serrano L, Rangel SM, Schlosser BJ, West DP, Laumann AE, Nardone B Abstract
      Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory, multifactorial disorder [1]. Parkinson Disease (PD), is a serious, neurodegenerative disorder, believed to be a manifestation of a complex interplay between genetic and environmental factors [2]. A recent study found an association between PD and rosacea [3]. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
      PMID: 29024029 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] {url} = URL to article
    • "When informing patients about acne rosacea, it may be useful to discuss actress Cameron Diaz." Dermatology in the Cinema Vail Reese, MD, MedScape Skinema
    • "Other famous people who reportedly suffered from acne rosacea include Princess Diana, Star Trek icon William Shatner, Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, Streets of San Francisco star Karl Malden, The Price Is Right host Bob Barker, and even Dirty Harry himself… Clint Eastwood." FAMOUS ACNE ROSACEA SUFFERERS – CREAM FOR ROSACEA ACNE Do you have any reputable links that indicate that Ted Kennedy, Karl Malden, Bob Barker and Clint Eastwood suffer from rosacea?  The above link is not that reputable and the RRDi is not convinced that these four have rosacea. If you have a reputable link please post in this thread. Mahalo.   

    • William Shatner
      image courtesy of wikipedia "The condition also affects William Shatner, the actor famous for playing Captain Kirk in the original "Star Trek" TV series and in the first 7 movies in the franchise." Celebrities with Rosacea, Become Gorgeous "Captain Kirk is not impervious to skin problems, and rosacea is the issue he faces. His red face is caused by the skin condition. Some experts also feel he may be showing signs with rhinophyma as his nose often has a very bulbous appearance." Five Hollywood Actors Who Have Rosacea  

    • Boris Yeltsin
      image courtesy of wikipedia "What do former presidents Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin have in common? A condition called acne rosacea, a chronic inflammation of the blood vessels in the skin, which causes a ruddy complexion and small acne-like eruptions on the cheeks, forehead and nose. In men it can often cause the skin on the nose to thicken and swell, leading toa condition called rhinophyma." Alicia Caldelas for ultimate-cosmetics.com, Technv4U
    • Just received Form 990 from the AARS for 2015 and 2016 which you can download and view for yourself.   Nutshell report of the revenue and expenses

      2015-AARS-Form-990-for-Public-Use.pdf Total Contributions from public support (100%) in the amount of $384,338.
      Total Expenses were $293,788.
      At the end of the 2015 the AARS has 'unrestricted net assets' totaling $500,738. The AARS spent most of its expenses on 'Conferences, conventions and meetings' in the amount of $204,520. The second highest expense was for 'management' in the amount of $52,250. These two expenses make up 66% of all the AARS expenses. The board of directors received zero money.  The third highest expense the AARS reports is that $28,450 was spent on 'research grants' that are unspecified in the form which are 'awarded by contract.' So for every dollar donated to the AARS a little more than seven cents is spent on 'research grants.'  2016

      Total Contributions from public support (100%) in the amount of $225,312.
      Total Expenses were $259,043.
      At the end of the 2016 the AARS has 'unrestricted net assets' totaling $476,475. The AARS spent most of its expenses on 'Conferences, conventions and meetings' in the amount of $151,502. The third highest expense was for 'management' in the amount of $48,000. These two expenses make up 88% of all the AARS expenses. The board of directors received zero money.  The second highest expense the AARS reports is that $50,500 was spent on 'research grants' that are unspecified in the form which are 'awarded by contract.' So for every dollar donated to the AARS a little more than twenty two cents is spent on 'research grants.'   
    • My face erupted in red blotches not unlike a Yayoi Kusama infinity room, accompanied by little bumps that never cleared, and a general flush that made me look like the human incarnation of a Looney Tunes cartoon thermometer. What could hide it? Make-up. What set it off? Removing make-up. Hooray! My rosacea challenged my views on the value society places on 'perfect skin', by Clem Bastow, The Sydney Morning Herald